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An easier way to share your sn-apps

Posted on 14th October, by Peppermint in News, Photography, Portrait. No Comments

There’s no denying that the way we all view and share our photos has changed. Gone are the days where we would excitedly rush to Boots with our undeveloped film, and anxiously wait to show our friends and family the outcome.
As sad as it is to lose this old-time photographic tradition, it’s also great to welcome new technologies that allow us to share our special moments at the click of a button. With families now living all across the globe, it’s even more important that we are able to capture a loved one’s key life moment and zip it across the digital-hemisphere – be it a baby’s first step, a romantic engagement or just a special family occasion.
There are 1.08 billion Smartphone users across the globe, so it only seems natural that this is becoming one of the most popular ways to showcase people’s prized photography. Be it Instagram, Hipstamatic or Snapchat – we’re all going picture crazy on our handsets!
We’ve also joined the digital revolution and made it even easier for our customers to share their portraits with our official app. The app allows smartphone and tablet users the opportunity to add a little Venture magic to their device, giving them exclusive access to a range of our favorite award-winning shots.
The Venture Photography app not only provides information about all of our products, services and studio locations, but it also allows customers to send their precious moments digitally. The VIP section – for priority Venture Photography customers – allows them to access their photographs taken at the session. The images can be shared and enjoyed via e-cards, sent via email or uploaded on to Facebook.
Other app features includes helpful photo tips, a studio finder and an introduction to our photographic styles and products.
The app is now available on both Apple and Android devices and through the Venture Facebook app.
Download the Venture Photography app today and share your special moments.

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