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Frame Collection



  • Vue

    Much like Gallery but with a modern twist, Vue centralizes one stunning family portrait which is surrounded by glass. Giving the illusion of floating photographs, each will appear dramatically within the modern glass styling. The colors and textures will combine to create a stunning wall of photographs which tell your family’s story.

  • Front
  • Side


  • Urban

    What our customers really love about Urban is how the sumptuous dark wood frames the photograph to bring depth and warmth to the image. Perfect in a contemporary setting, the wood’s natural qualities complement a modern styled home whilst bringing a distinct sense of style to your walls.

  • Urban Front
  • Urban Side
  • Options


  • Citi

    Tell your story with Citi: a simple yet chic way to frame your photograph. Make a real statement with the chunky matt black wood and silver inlay which surrounds your image to make an impact on your wall.

  • Citi Front
  • Citi Side
  • Citi Options


  • Metro

    Are you a fan of sleek, clean and crisp lines? The Metro design is known for its frameless frame which ensures that your family photographs take all the limelight. These wall-mounted blocks would look fantastic on their own or with other photograph blocks to showcase your Venture story.

  • Metro Front
  • Metro Side
  • Metro

Metro Strata

  • Metro Strata

    If you like the Metro design then you will love the Metro Strata which is a more extravagant version of the frameless frame. Let your Venture photographs become the focal point of your room by layering your favorite snaps in an impressive three-dimensional collection for wall art that you can truly be proud of.

  • Metro Strata Front
  • Metro Strata Side


  • Mosiac

    Another addition to the frameless frame collection, Mosaic is simple and innovative. Showcase your story in an original, three-dimensional mosaic layout which is sure to add color and personality to your walls. Choose one photograph or several, arranged in any order, to tell your very own family story.

  • Mosiac Front
  • Mosiac Side
  • Mosiac


  • Jazz

    Your photograph can be more than just that. Transform your family’s story into a unique piece of art with the Jazz design. Creating the illusion of a floating image, Jazz is the epitome of style. Choose from a fine array of contemporary colors, including cool moonlight white or sophisticated black. Add to this the lacquered wet look effect and instantly your photograph reflects your character and personality.

  • Jazz Front
  • Jazz Side
  • Jazz


  • Ice

    Ice is the innovative and stylish frame that will change as your story does. Moveable acrylic blocks set into slots in the frame make it easy to restyle your old photographs or add new ones with each chapter of your Venture story. Each block holds a single photograph from your shoot adding color and personality to your home.

  • Ice Front
  • Ice Side
  • Ice


  • Gallery Collection

    With so many amazing photographs to choose from, why restrict yourself to one? Our collection features a variety of frames that allow you to choose and combine anything from seven to sixteen photographs for a frame that oozes character.

    Multiple images in the same Gallery, Vue, Citi, Urban, Jazz, or Metro collections tell even more of your story and create an eye-catching wall display.

  • Gallery Collection
  • Gallery Collection
  • Gallery Collection

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