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Secrets to the perfect summer snaps

Posted on 13th August, by Peppermint in News. No Comments

With weekend festivals galore, barbecues and the typical indecisive weather to boot, the summer holidays have arrived in typical British style.

But as we all know, this wonderful time of year won’t last long and before we know it we’ll be defrosting our cars each morning and planning our Christmas shopping.

So, while the sun is around, we wanted to share some top tips, to make sure you don’t miss a single photo-worthy summer moment:

• Interact with friends and family to capture people having fun – action shots are more interesting than a ‘selfie’

• When visiting new places take shots that include local people, traditions and foods to really encapsulate your holiday location

• Look for bright colours – red and green, purple and yellow, and orange and blue work well together. Doorways, markets and beaches are usually good places to find these

• Try placing the sun behind your subject, to create cool silhouettes or a halo effect

• Take some close up (macro) shots, which show some of the small details of your holiday – anything from flowers to flip flops

• Most of all, have fun with photography and it will show in your summer snaps!

Team Venture

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