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The Impossible Family Portrait

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Posted on 8th October, by Peppermint in Families, Generations, Photography, Portrait. No Comments

If a picture paints a thousand words, then a family portrait sparks a million memories. That’s how we feel anyway.

It’s no surprise that it’s something we’re passionate about – family portraits are what we do. We love them, not just because we love photography, but because we love seeing generations of families get together and have fun.

We get to be part of thousands of families’ lives every day. We hear the stories and we share the laughter and we get to create new memories for them with pictures they’ll always cherish. It keeps us happy anyway!

We were particularly touched when we saw The Impossible Family Portrait – a video which chronicles Denis and his family as they get together for a photograph. Sounds simple enough, however Denis lives in Pennsylvania, whilst the rest of his family remain in Uganda.

Standing next to his family (albeit across the online airwaves) is, as Denis says, ‘priceless’, and the subsequent image that’s created ‘means a lot’.

Congratulations on a fantastic family portrait Denis, and well done to Skype for making it happen. If Denis can make a family portrait happen from across the world, then we have no excuse for getting our family together from different parts of the UK!

This story reminds us how special photographs that feature your nearest and dearest really are (not that we need reminding).

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