January 2021

2021: The Year of the Family

The best family photography from Venture Studios

At Venture Studios we want to make 2021 the year when we celebrate the family. But dare we use that word “celebrate” in the midst of a pandemic?

As well as the significant and negative ways that Covid-19 has impacted on so many lives, it has also prevented many positive things from happening. Weddings and special parties have been cancelled or postponed, family holidays and events put on hold, and there may be new family members that you have not yet been able to meet.

Which means that when all these things are finally able to happen they will certainly be moments to celebrate!


One thing that you can do in preparation for happier times ahead is to start brushing up your photography skills now. Then when these events are finally able to happen, you can use your family photography skills to capture some of those precious and long-awaited moments and create memories to treasure forever. Memories that will be even more special because of the context in which they are made.

A good place to start is by reading our article Ten Photography Tips for Beginners. Whatever type of camera you have, our article will help you to become familiar with which settings to use, how to set up your shots, and the kind of editing effects to consider adding later.

Of course, different types of events will sometimes need a bit of additional planning to get things right. Let’s take a quick look at some of the family events that you will hopefully be able to enjoy later in 2021, and the kind of family photography skills you will need.


There is nothing quite as nerve-wracking as wedding photography. It is so important to get it right! If your family wedding goes ahead later in 2021, hopefully there will be a professional photographer to take the strain. But what the bride and groom often love just as much are the informal photos that family and friends take on the day. Photos that tell the story of the day and ensure that everyone is included.

Read our article Top Tips for Wedding Photography to find out how to get a wonderful mixture of photos for your special bride and groom to enjoy.

Family parties

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any other event, how we miss those family parties! At the time they may be inconvenient, or you have to travel, or you just know that there will be the same old uncle jokes and Dad dancing. But we want our family parties back. And when they do come back, make sure you are ready to put your family photography skills into action.

Take a look at our article Photography Tips for Family Portraits to get some ideas on how to take the best group photos and keep everybody happy.


New babies

We all love to welcome a new baby into the family. And if you have a new addition that you’ve either not been able to meet or perhaps have only seen once or twice, then you will want to make the most of it next time you see them.

Our article Baby Photography Tips will help you to get some fabulous shots of the new star of the show, and begin to make up for lost time.

High days and holidays

At this stage, we don’t know what will and will not be possible this summer. Will you be able to get away on holiday? Or perhaps to an event of some kind? Only time will tell. But if you can, then you need to be prepared not only to enjoy every minute, but also to capture those minutes to enjoy all over again.

So in preparation, take a look at our articles on Holiday Photos to Remember and Festival Photography, and hope that you might just be able to enjoy some experiences like these later on in 2021.

Venture family of the year

As part of our year of celebrating the family, we’d also love to recognise one special family as the Venture family of the year. Perhaps there is someone you know who has quietly done all kinds of things to help their family during the pandemic. Or maybe a family who have all worked together to do incredible acts of kindness within their community. And yes, you can nominate your own family!

We’d love to hear about who you would nominate as the family of the year, and you can do that right here. Just tell us who the family is, what kind of celebrations they had to miss in 2020, and what style of photograph and props they would like most.

Make sure you get the information to us by 17th May 2021, which also happens to be National Children’s Day. We will then choose our Venture family of the year and the lucky winners will receive a Maxi family photoshoot experience valued at £1,150.

Leo Francis

Whatever 2021 may bring, we hope that there will be plenty of opportunities to spend time celebrating your family this year. We would also love to welcome you and your family to Venture Studios once we are able to do so again. So why not book one of our fun family photography experiences? Bring the family along to your nearest Venture Studios in 2021, and celebrate your family in style!