July 2024

Why Child Modelling: A Sit Down with Ology

With all the excitement of this year’s Little Face of Venture competition, we interviewed our 2022 partner Ology to talk about our last winner and any tips they had for parents wanting to enter this year.

What stood out with Alexis when she won Little Face of Venture?

Alexis had a unique look, a natural smile and we could tell that she was photogenic and had great energy.

What campaigns has she worked on?

With Alexis not having had any experience when coming onto the books it can sometimes take a while before booking an initial campaign. We have submitted Alexis for a broad range of campaigns including big commercials for Disney, Sainsburys, M&S, Matalan, Qatar, EE, Premier Inn and Vodafone to name but a few.

Who have you worked with in the past 12 months?

We’ve worked with a broad range of international brands with a few including Disney, Nintendo, PlayStation, Milka, JD Sports, Netflix TV series and animations, McDonald’s, Zara as well as broad range of feature films and series’ including Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and Coronation Street.

Can you share some top tips for parents wanting to enter their children into our competition?

We’re looking for children with confidence and the ability to take direction well – in terms of photos these need to be natural poses rather than ‘forced’ or overly ‘modelly’ with great smiles and an element of fun and good energy coming through in the photos without being too serious.

Can you also share some top tips for getting into the world of child modelling?

Child modelling can be a minefield – we always encourage parents to do their own research and speak with the directors of an agency and get any queries answered to any questions they may have. It is important to have the confidence in an agency before moving forward. As part of our assessment procedure we hold an online Zoom call to provide further details/background about ourselves as an agency along with being an opportunity for parents of children interested in coming onto the books to have their questions answered.

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