April 2018

Ageless Beauty

We are all looking forward to the royal wedding on May 19th! As well as the spectacle of the day itself, the arrival of Meghan Markle into the royal family feels like a time of new beginnings. Add to that the imminent birth of Kate’s third child and the young royals are so very newsworthy right now!

But let us not be so caught up with all the excitement of the so-called “Fab Four” younger members of the royal family that we overlook the older ones. Especially the Queen, who celebrates her 91st birthday this year, on the 21st April.

Ageless Beauty 1

Most of us reading this post will never have known a time when Elizabeth has not been Queen of England. She has now reigned for 66 years, since February 1952. To think of all the changes she has seen during her reign – and also her lifetime – is incredible.

Most of us reading this post will also have older family members, perhaps of the Queen’s generation. People who have also lived through the political, economic, environmental and technological changes that the last century has brought. People who have seen the shape of their families change over the years, and have experienced the arrival and departure of so many loved ones.

Ageless Beauty 2

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, William and Kate’s third child, and the marriage of Harry and Meghan, perhaps it is time for us also to celebrate our own family milestones and events. It’s all too easy to take our families for granted, and put off having special time together because we’re just too busy. But, as Joni Mitchell so aptly puts it:

“Don’t it always seem to go

That you don’t know what you’ve got

‘Till it’s gone”

Easter time is often seen as a time of new beginnings. So why not make the equivalent of a New Year resolution and find ways to celebrate every generation of your family throughout the rest of 2018? In particular, perhaps it’s time to do something for the older generation? Something that they will enjoy at the time but that they will also be able to have as a keepsake to remember for years to come.

Here’s where Venture Studios can help. We offer a number of family photography experiences, suitable for any age and any kind of family grouping. Each photography experience includes the photoshoot itself, a personal viewing of the resulting images, and your choice of photograph to take away, beautifully framed.

At Venture we love to work with families of all shapes and sizes. We will work with you to create the perfect photographs that represent your family, and that reflect the unique character and beauty of every person in your family, whatever their age.

For Easter we also have a special offer for you! Our Easter Silver Family Photography Experience is on special offer at £40 until 1st april 2018. It includes an hour-long photoshoot, a cinematic viewing of your photographs, and a free 10” x 8” framed gift worth £165. We’ll even throw in some complimentary Venture chocolates!

Ageless Beauty 3

So as the nation anticipates the forthcoming royal family events, why not get the ball rolling and start celebrating your own family? You can purchase our experience vouchers directly through our website, or by contacting us direct at Venture Studios. We look forward to helping you to create lasting memories of all generations of your family: memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.