May 2019

Another Bank Holiday – what shall we do?!

Have fun this Bank Holiday with a Venture Studios photography experience

It is certainly the season of Bank Holidays! Easter was very late this year, followed rapidly by May Day. And now it’s only a couple more weeks until Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 27th May ….

Parents across the country will already be dreading that rallying cry of bored children “but what shall we do”! This particular Bank Holiday is, of course, followed by four days’ school holidays, so you need to plan for those as well. Our recent article Easter School Holidays: Sorted! may help you to plan a few fun activities that different family members will enjoy throughout the week.

But as for the Bank Holiday itself, it can be difficult to find a “one size fits all solution” that will keep everybody happy. So here’s an idea. Why not give everyone five slips of paper and get them to write on each slip one thing that they would really like to do. Then simply put them all into a hat / jar / bowl and draw one out to make the choice.

You may need to find some way of vetting the choices in advance – particularly for younger children. So for example you may want to give them a predetermined list from which to choose their five activities. But if carefully managed it can be a fun way to decide how to spend a day. It can also avoid squabbles about the choice, because it is seen as a fair way of doing things. And, even better, you can then keep the slips for another day: keep it as an ongoing system that everyone can add to from time to time.

Leo Francis

To help you get started, here is ‘a list’ of 20 ideas that could be included:

  1. A trip to the cinema
  2. A car boot sale or country fayre
  3. Ice skating
  4. Swimming
  5. A bike ride
  6. Walk in the woods
  7. Day at the beach
  8. Outdoor games in the park
  9. Geocaching
  10. Football – watching or playing as preferred
  11. Picnic
  12. Barbecue
  13. Pizza – either eat out or order in
  14. A local festival – music or food or crafts
  15. Museum
  16. Art Gallery
  17. Stately home
  18. Country park
  19. A zoo, animal sanctuary or farm
  20. A Venture Studios photography experience

We put the Venture Studios one last but it is by no means least! We have a range of photography experiences to suit everyone. Our gold, silver and bronze experiences are ideal for all the family – or you may fancy a mother and daughter makeover and photoshoot. If your passion is your pet or your pride and joy is your car or bike then we have a special photography experience just for you!

You can book your photography experience online or call us on 0845 121 1085.

Whatever you do this Bank Holiday have fun! And we hope to meet you and your family at Venture Studios before too long.