September 2017

Autumn is here: what do I wear?!

Girl looking very autumnal


As summer (or what little we’ve had of it!) begins to fade away and there is that definite autumnal nip in the air, we are likely to have mixed emotions. Whilst the potential for relaxing outside on those light balmy summer evenings has sadly gone, we now don’t feel so guilty about getting into our pyjamas straight after work and snuggling down on the sofa. When we do get to bed we can sleep properly without feeling hot and bothered, and there are all the autumn and winter festivities to look forward to.

But the big question of course is what do we wear this autumn?! A recent Good Housekeeping online poll showed that 20% of us look forward to autumn because we are able to wear boots and thick tights again! But what else is on the fashion landscape this autumn? We’ve been doing a bit of digging around and here are our Top Ten Fashion Trends for Autumn 2017:

Red is the colour. According to Elle, it’s the “official colour of autumn”! On almost every catwalk at all the recent shows red features in most of the pieces. The good news is that red is one of the most flattering colours on all skin tones, so it’s a fashion statement that any of us can handle! Image Source:

Textured fabrics are IN. They can look and feel very luxurious, particularly when used for coats. Different styles and colours abound – but don’t be shy, these fabrics need to be seen! Faux fur is also another popular option this season. Image Source:

Bags have grown BIG. No more trying to cram all your essentials into a miniscule bag! Large bags come in all shapes and styles and are embellished with fancy stitching, tassels and knots.

Big hats are the ideal topping to every autumn outfit. Any kind of style can work, including brimmed caps and bucket hats, but a particular fashion trend that you might like to explore is the fabulous baker boy–style hat. Image Source:

Midi skirts and chunky jumpers. One we all love! This popular combination seems to work all year round in the UK – especially with our variable weather – so is a safe bet for autumn. Team a supersized sweater with a flattering and possibly even flouncy calf length skirt for maximum effect. Though mini skirts are also reported to be making yet another come back ….

Fancy tights! Good news for the Good Housekeeping pollsters! Fancy tights are a cost-effective way of immediately updating your look. Tights should no longer be a last-minute afterthought – a scramble in the drawer to find a pair without a ladder in! – but the feature of your autumn outfit. Fishnets are as popular as ever, and also expect to see white bridal-like tights in the mix.

Boots, boots, boots. Bovver boots are very on-trend and work so well with pretty much any of the autumn styles we are looking at today. Also look out for over the knee boots and the newly trending glitterati boots. Image Source:

But if you don’t want to spend your life in boots then how about some pretty shoes instead? Slip on some sparkly decorative shoes and you have the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Look for shoes with jewels, shoes with rococo heels and shoes made from brocade or jacquard fabrics and you get the idea. Image Source:

Words are in! Designer T-shirts show no sign of losing popularity and even better if they have some eye-catching or empowering words on them. Make a statement this autumn by wearing clothes with meaning.

Boho dresses have never lost favour with the fashionistas and this autumn is no exception. Think artisan and craft-inspired dresses, muted colours, patchwork fabrics and ethnic prints and you won’t go far wrong. Vintage prints are also popular right now. Image Source:

Whatever your fashion preferences, this autumn there is bound to be something to suit everyone. As always, it’s good to take an overall trend and adapt it to what really suits you – and make it your signature style this autumn. When you’ve found that signature style, don’t forget to organise some photography to capture how it looks!

In years to come you and your family will delight on looking back on the fashion trends on 2017.

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