March 2016

Our Faithful Friends Photoshoot With The Bunnet Family!

Little girl with her dog protectively watching her

The UK is a nation of animal lovers and our pets are valuable and loved members of our families. At Venture we recognise this and we love to get the family pets involved in our photoshoots, as well as creating beautiful pet portraits of the animals themselves. Our professional and highly experienced photographers will work with you to take a selection of photos that really bring out the personality of your pet, but you may also like to bring along a couple of props such as a favourite toy or their bed. Also don’t forget to pack the treats to help coax them into playing along.

Some customers can be concerned that the bright studio lights and flashes will worry their pet but very often the animals get used to the studio really quickly and aren’t bothered at all – sometimes we find they are more relaxed than their owners!

When the Bunnet family came to visit our studios, they wanted “a photograph that when we look at it, it didn’t look like that a photograph that had been composed”. It was incredibly important to them that they were able to take away memories of their daughter Maya and their pet dog and cat in their natural environment.
“They take photographs like it’s a normal part of your life”

“They are just so much more able to take relaxed happy, natural, photographs- and for me that’s what’s perfect”

Before the session Fran (The Bunnet’s photographer) called the family to find out what they wanted to get out of the session, how the family dynamic worked and to really get to know the family before they came into the studio, “Fran rang us before the shoot and told us to bring things that highlighted who Maya was” this gave the family plenty of ideas for the shoot! As Maya loved reading, Fran suggested that they brought in lots of colouring and reading books so that she felt relaxed and comfortable. As Maya had a special bond with their pets, it was essential that they were with her in the shoot; this created a fun and exciting environment and the final images really showed the fun they had on the day.

At Venture we gets lots of customers asking if they can bring their pets in with them when they come for a photoshoot, which is great because we welcome all pets into our studios! Previously we have had everything from dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, chickens… we even had a donkey in one shoot! We understand that pets are part of the family for many people and so we want to ensure that you can capture those special moments with everyone that is in your family.

On the day Maya got to play with her faithful friends in the studio, and Fran captured some truly beautiful shots of them all having fun… one in particular won a Gold award at Venture’s Annual Awards Event (image below)

The Bunnet family told us that the image “characterised who she is, and who she is as a person”“It’s the essence of who she is right now in her life and to have a photo of it is just really perfect”. It is so important with pets and children that you have long lasting memories of special moments, so that in 10 years’ time you can look back and remember that particular day or time as if it was only yesterday. That is why at Venture we love shooting families as we can create these memories for you, “she will look back and remember it”.

When asked what the Bunnet family thought of their session, they had some fantastic feedback for the studio…

“I think the session in the studio was made personal to us, because we very much chose what we wanted to do, and what Maya wanted to do, and also with our cat and dog”

“They are absolutely brilliant at capturing the personality of everyone they photograph”

“They aren’t like any other photography studio I have ever been to”

We want to make sure that every family that come through our studio doors, leave happy and excited to see their final images- want every single member of the family (even the pets) to come away and feel like they have had an amazing day out and not feel like they have just had a photoshoot… and the Bunnet family were a perfect example of a happy customer! “We left hoping they’d have some lovely photographs, came and looked and thought how are we were ever going to get all off the lovely photographs- they were just so many!… I will treasure out Venture experience”

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