April 2023

Capturing Timeless Love: Why a Grandparents Photoshoot is the Perfect Way to Celebrate Family Bonds

When was the last time you took a family photo with your grandparents? Grandparents play a unique and invaluable role in our lives, passing down wisdom, traditions, and stories from generation to generation. They are often the foundation of a family and the glue that binds it together. That’s why a Grandparent’s Photography Session with Venture is such a wonderful way to celebrate and capture those special family bonds. 

Whether you’re looking to create lasting memories, honour their legacy, or simply have fun together, a photoshoot is an experience that everyone will cherish for years to come. In this blog, we’ll explore why a Grandparent’s photoshoot is the perfect way to celebrate family bonds and create treasured keepsakes that will be passed down for generations.

  1. Captures special moments: 

A family photo shoot captures special moments that can be cherished for a lifetime. These photos can be of a family reunion, a birthday, a graduation, a newborn photoshoot, a baby announcement or any other special occasion that brings everyone together. Bringing your grandparents together for this special time will fill their hearts with love and happiness.

  1. Provides a fun and enjoyable experience:;

A photoshoot is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. It allows family members to relax, be themselves, and have fun while creating lasting memories. You can bring in props, snacks and even your pets!;

  1. It’s a chance to show off their family:;

We all know just how much Grandparents love to show off their family, and a photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to do so. They can proudly display the photos in their home or share them with friends and family.

  1. It’s a chance to dress up and feel special:;

A photo shoot is a special occasion and grandparents can enjoy dressing up and feeling their best. They can choose their favourite outfit or wear something that makes them feel confident and stylish. Maybe there’s a special fancy dress occasion coming up and they want to get involved, or maybe they have a specific hobby that they love doing and they want to showcase (National Gardening Day is coming up on the 14th of April!)

  1. It’s a chance to bond with family:;

A photo shoot provides an opportunity for grandparents to spend quality time with their family and create lasting memories. This can be especially meaningful if family members live far away and don’t get to see each other often.

So what can you expect from your photography session and why treat yourself to such an amazing experience?

  • After you have purchased one of our vouchers online, you will receive a phone call from your chosen studio. The team will go through dates that work best for you and book you in for your photoshoot.;
  • Pre-shoot consultation: Before the shoot, you can expect to have a consultation with your photographer to discuss your vision for the shoot and any special requests you may have. This is a great opportunity to discuss any colours that you would like to incorporate into your photoshoot, any props, if it’s for a special occasion etc. We always suggest creating a Pinterest board of all your ideas so that you can go through them with your photographer.

Check out our Pinterest page for inspiration for your photoshoot 

  • Fun and relaxed atmosphere: When it’s the day of your photoshoot you can expect a very warm welcome into the studio, with a cup of tea or coffee never too far away. Our photographers will help you feel comfortable and at ease, so you can enjoy the experience with your family.
  • Our photographers will take a variety of shots, including group shots, individual shots, using a mix of different styles. This will ensure that you have a wide selection of photos to choose from so that there’s something for everyone!
  • Once your photographs are captured, our digital artists will hone in on your stand out moments and apply your chosen Venture style preferences. This talented bunch will create your “Show”, a personal montage of the results of your photo session and invite you back for your cinematic viewing in one of our private suites. It’s now time to sit back and see the finished images and personal moments captured from your shoot.
  • Collection Time! Our framing technicians will then carefully produce your chosen frame, only allowing it to leave the workshop when it has been fully inspected, meticulously tested and safely packed. Then it’s sent back to your studio ready for your grand reveal, before adorning your walls or table tops. Alongside each product we provide a three-year warranty and we provide aftercare advice to make sure your Venture memories can be enjoyed year after year.

So why not celebrate the love of your Grandparents and bring the whole family in for a photoshoot with Venture and create memories that will last a lifetime! The memories captured in these photos will be priceless and will bring joy to your family for years to come.

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