January 2016

Celebrating the Gift of Life

Baby being cuddled by mum and day looking lovingly at them

As any parent will tell you, children grow up so quickly! To be fair, that may not be the answer they give you in those early days of nappies and sleepless nights, when time seems to dissipate into some kind of parallel universe and you don’t think life will ever be normal again! But, as the saying goes “this too shall pass” and before you know it they are beginning the transition from newborn to cute baby to toddler … and so it goes on.

In retrospect, most parents mourn the passing of those early days and weeks. They wish that they had appreciated them more at the time and that they had more photographs and memorabilia to treasure. This is perhaps especially true when the process of becoming parents has been challenging. Around 2% of babies born in the UK each year are born through IVF, and many more to parents who have used some other means of assisted conception such as fertility drugs. For some of these families, this longed-for child may be their only one. This can also be true for other parents who have perhaps got together later in life and started a family at a time when their fertility is rapidly declining.

For these families in particular, every moment is one to be treasured. The joy of having their special child at last is immeasurable. Every day is a celebration of the gift of life! Why not use some equally special photography to tell your story? A series of photographs charting the progress of bump to baby would make wonderful wall art for your home and be a constant reminder of your life-changing experience. It would also be a positive and inspiring message of hope for others who may also be in the situation of finding it difficult to conceive.

At Venture Studios we specialise in professional photos that are sensitively portrayed and personalised to your own requirements. What better way to relive your baby’s journey to life! Have a browse through our maternity and baby photoshoot packages.