December 2015

10 Ways To Get Into The Christmas Spirit

Not everyone can get into the Christmas spirit as quick as all of us at Venture head office this year! Some people think it’s too early for Christmas, whilst others have had their tree up and presents bought since November. Either way it’s always a fun and exciting time for the family, so here are 10 ways to help you get into the Christmas spirit!!

1. Play Christmas Songs

It might sound cliché and you might be the office Rudolf, but nothing gets the whole team/family into the Christmas groove as much as a traditional Christmas song. With the likes of Maria Carey and Wham, you will have everyone on their feet sinning along to the catch jingles before lunch time! Print off the words to your favourite jingle and get the whole family singing along in the drive to Grandma’s.

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2. Put the Tree up

We are not ashamed to say that our Christmas tree was up as soon as we hit December 1st; however some families prefer to put their tree up later in the month. Whatever you prefer you cannot deny the Christmas spirit that comes from working as a team to get the tree up! Pack up the family and head on a tree search- real tree or fake this is definitely one to get everyone excited!

3. Christmas Movie Night

Get the popcorn from the cupboard, hot chocolate and marshmallows on standby and snuggle up in your onesie’s. Whether you prefer a traditional movie like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or something more modern like ‘The Grinch’ or ‘Polar Express’, there is a movie out there for everyone to fall in love with.

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4. Visit Santa

SANTAAAAAAAA- if you have watched Elf then you will know just how important it is to see Santa before Christmas! Taking the little ones to see Santa is such a magical experience, whether you take your children, nephews, nieces, cousins, little sisters or brothers, be sure to book a visit before the 25th!

5. Get Crafty

Get the kids involved with making handmade gifts and ornaments for the house. Making Christmas baubles are always a favourite- not only are you getting creative and Christmassy, but you are also creating lovely memories at the same time as you can look back in years to come and see the decorations the kids made.


6. Advent Calendars

Having advent calendars are a fun and entertaining way to countdown to Christmas day and they’re not just created for children either! Get the whole family involve; mum, dad, children… even one for the dog! December is always a great time of year because you have an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast

7. Christmas Lights

Decorate the house from the outside with twinkly Christmas lights and get your house sparking for December. Add a Christmas wreath to your door and you are ready for the Christmas carollers to come knocking.


8. Give a little

Tis the season for giving and finding the perfect gift for the kids and family is an exciting time. Going to the shopping centres, searching online, going through the Christmas lists is just another part of the run up to Christmas. Sometimes it can be hard to find the ‘perfect’ gift, but just being a part of the experience puts you in the Christmas mood! It’s also important to remember that for some the holidays can be a tough time, lots of families miss out on the gifts, Christmas dinners and parties. It’s always nice to give a little back to charities and families in need- maybe create a Christmas hamper, start a food or clothing drive or contact your local food bank or shelter for other great ideas on how you and your family can give back this Christmas.

9. Create a Christmas Wish List with the Children

Creating a Christmas wish list with the kids is great for two reasons. Firstly you can get some gift ideas and find out what they are really wanting from Santa this year. Secondly, this activity is sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit when the little ones post their letters to Santa!


10. Works Christmas Night Out

We know that having a job, managing the family, and maintaining a house can be hard work, so it’s understandable that getting in the Christmas spirit can be difficult sometimes! Going to the Christmas work night out and letting your hair down is a great way to feel more relaxed over the Christmas period. For one night you can have no stress, put on your favourite party dress and hang out with your work friends just in time for Christmas.

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