April 2023

Double Trouble: Worried About Your Toddler During Your Newborn Photoshoot?

As a sleep-deprived new Mum, with a newborn in one hand and a wild toddler in the other, we know that it can feel like a rollercoaster ride with no seatbelt to juggle it all… and now you have your newborn photoshoot booked, you’re panicking. You’re super excited to capture those precious moments with your newest family member but you feel a pang of anxiety about how your cheeky toddler will behave in front of the camera. Will they pull funny faces, run around like a tornado, or photobomb every shot? 

The reality is that you’re dealing with two completely different personalities. On one hand you have a super adorable, mainly asleep, newborn. On the other hand your toddler is bursting with energy whilst dealing with a significant and huge life-changing transition… being promoted to big brother/sister status!

For a lot of families the number one image that they want to see from their newborn photoshoot is the sibling shot. So it’s no surprise why parents often add so much pressure to themselves and their little ones to make this photoshoot perfect. But we’re here to tell you to FEAR NOT, after years of experience in photographing families, babies and newborn’s, we promise you not only will you walk away with the photos you dreamed of and more, but we also have a number of tricks and tips to help you prepare for your photoshoot. So take a deep breath, relax and get ready for Venture to capture your picture-perfect-moments with your growing family!

Before your photoshoot begins, our photographer will always bond and be silly with your toddler, making them feel at ease and to take the pressure off the camera! We always encourage parents to relax as much as they can and let their child/toddler accommodate to their surroundings in their own way. Remember a confident toddler is much more likely to participate compared to a toddler who doesn’t feel comfortable and feels the pressure.


Here are our tips…

  1. Patience is Key! Be patient and allow for breaks as needed, especially for your toddler who may have a shorter attention span. Don’t force your toddler to do any poses and let them be natural in their surroundings
  2. Consider booking your photoshoot during your toddler’s most energetic time of day, when they’re more likely to be cooperative and engaged
  3. Keep your toddler well-rested and fed beforehand, and pack a bag with their favourite snacks, toys, and a change of clothes in case of accidents
  4. Be ready to go with the flow and embrace the unexpected, as toddlers can be unpredictable. Be ready to adapt to your little ones needs but above all remember to have fun
  5. Bring your sense of humour and remember that candid and playful moments can make for some of the most heart-warming photos
  6. Keep the vibe light, fun and low-pressure throughout so that they feel more in control
  7. Bring some of your toddlers favourite toys or teddy with them so our photographers can incorporate them in the session whilst making it fun and energetic
  8. Get your partner to hold and play with your toddler whilst you get some one to one shots with your newborn
  9. Creativity is key! Let one of our highly trained photographers get creative with the photoshoot and we guarantee that you will be blown away with the results
  10. Get your toddler Involved by encouraging them to interact with your newborn during the photoshoot. This can help create heart-warming and natural moments. You can ask your toddler to hold your newborn’s hand, give gentle kisses, or simply sit close by. Capturing their genuine interactions can result in precious and authentic photos

At Venture our experienced photographers understand the unique dynamics of capturing photos of both newborn’s and toddlers. Our team will capture the precious bond between your family, creating cherished memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. 

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