July 2024

Venture Eton Reflect on Modelling Competition Win

We interviewed the Ellie, Studio Manager at Venture Studios Eton, to talk about our Little Face of Venture 2022 winner! Ellie, who is also our Photographer of the Year 2023, shot our seasonal marketing campaign photoshoot with our winner Alexis. Here is what she had to say:

What stood out with Alexis?

She had lots of energy and was extremely excited! Her character was great, she was asking me “what’s next is it Christmas or Halloween?”. It was like she was the boss, I loved it! She enjoyed shooting the summer section a lot as she got to have some ice cream too!

What was the experience like in the studio when she came back for her seasonal photoshoot?

The photoshoot went amazing, we had so much time to get all the seasons done! It was weird to be shooting Easter, Halloween and Christmas stuff in the height of spring time! But we had so much fun. Alexis’ mum was amazing too, she came so prepared with different outfits for all year round! 

What do you enjoy most about photographing children and families?

Families and children a similar age to Alexis, are my FAVOURITE to photograph. They just bring the right vibes which are fun and energetic but also keeping me on my toes! Even when the child or family is a bit reserved, nothing a bit of tickling or trying to smell Dad’s smelly feet can’t sort out!

Why should someone come in for a photoshoot for Little Face of Venture?

Coming in for a Venture photoshoot is firstly one of the best things, I still remember my own Venture experience when I was little! I feel it also helps children’s confidence by entering them into a competition to then potentially winning a modelling contract, which is a very cool thing!

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