October 2020

Every Picture Tells a Story

Celebrate your life with photography from Venture Studios

Now, more than ever, we are living in a visual generation. Wherever you look, photography is everywhere. Every moment of every day is captured by thousands of different devices.

This obsession with images is reflected on social media channels. For example, every day around 300 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook, and Facebook posts with images see over twice as much engagement as those without images.

Other newer social media platforms such as Instagram have also developed and grown rapidly because of their emphasis on visual content. Instagram averages 95 million photos being uploaded daily, and is popular with a broad diversity of users, including many celebrities and brands.

Websites are also increasingly relying on images. In these days of online information overload, users increasingly tend to skim through text, and therefore rely on images to connect to the content and help them to process information faster.

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more true than it is today.

The power of images

But images also have the power to recall memories and stir our emotions. We can all identify with the experience of seeing a photograph and being instantly reminded not just of the time and place it was taken but the emotions that we were feeling at the time. Whether the photograph is of a childhood holiday, a teenage first date, early days at college or work, or our wedding or young children; it is almost as if we are able to relive those distant moments all over again.

But photography is not just able to evoke memories of our own story. Images are also a powerful way of creating empathy with others. We can look at someone in an image and begin to think about how they must be feeling. We want to know more about their story. We can use our imagination to walk in their shoes.

This desire to identify with others and be connected to the rest of the human race is one of the reasons why the visual aspects of news media and social media are an increasingly central aspect of our everyday lives. It’s why photography has an essential part to play, not just in snapping the minutiae of everyday life, but also by creating the visual imagery that tells the story of our world.


What is your story?

Everyone has a story to tell. Your story is likely to be the sum of many different parts. For example, your family and home, your friends, hobbies and social life, and your working life.

Time races by so fast that it is really important to make sure that you capture key moments from your story to be able to look back on in years to come. Otherwise you risk forgetting some of the riches of your story as years go by.

So make sure that you build up a comprehensive story of your life that records those significant and special moments. Not only will you appreciate being able to relive them in future, but others will be interested in understanding and sharing your story too.

The best photography to tell your story

You want the pictures that tell your story to be the best they can be. Whether your photography is of family images for your home, business related shots for your website, or fun times for social media channels, you want it all to be as good as possible.

If you are new to photography, or want to improve your skills, then do check out our article Ten Photography Tips for Beginners. It contains really helpful information about how to set up, take and edit your shots for the best results possible.

Another option would be to visit your nearest Venture Studios for a fun photoshoot. We have a range of photography experiences available, including:

  • Gold / Silver / Platinum / Maxi photography experiences
  • Family and Friends photography experience
  • Styled by Venture photography experience
  • Baby / Newborn / Momento photography experience
  • Just for Pets photography experience
  • Pride and Joy Motor photography experience

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All Venture’s photography experiences include an image of your choice to take home. So whilst at the moment everyone you love is on your phone, we put everyone you love on your wall!

So, whatever your story, you need to make sure it is told. Gather pictures of your special moments so that you can see them every day and treasure them forever.

Check back here soon for more photography tips from Venture Studios.