May 2018

Holiday photos to remember!

Holiday season is fast approaching! But sadly it can feel that no sooner has it arrived – and we go on our dream holiday – than it is over again. We have had so many great experiences and happy times but the memory of them soon begins to fade as we get back to business as usual.

So how can we ensure that we preserve the memories of our holiday for months and years to come? Well one of the best ways is to get some really good photographs of the holiday. We don’t just mean the usual rather random selection that people snap in haste, post on social media, then forget all about. But some good quality photographs and family portraits that truly capture the experience of that holiday and will be treasured reminders of it for the rest of your life.

But you also want to enjoy every moment of your holiday and not be totally obsessed with taking photographs. Otherwise it can become a bit of a chore and prevent you totally relaxing.

Leo Francis

So here are a few tips to help you get those perfect holiday shots whilst still having time to enjoy yourself.

Be prepared

First and foremost, plan ahead! Make sure you take all the camera equipment that you need – including extra batteries, cards film as needed. The last thing you want is to see the perfect photo opportunity and not be able to take advantage of it.

Be purposeful

Take photos that mean something to you. For example, there is no point taking standard landscape shots that already exist in abundance in books and online – and are probably much better quality than you will be able to take. So go for quirky shots that, for you, capture the essence of the place you are in. Little everyday details such as a particular house or shop that you just like the look of, the local cats, or perhaps someone who works at your hotel (with their permission of course). But photos that will bring back vivid memories of actually being in that pace at that time. This means having your camera at the ready when you are in photographer mode, and also being assertive about taking pictures. For a spontaneously magic shot you need to be ready to snap at a moment’s notice, otherwise that moment may be lost forever.

Background interest

When taking family portraits or photographs of individuals, try and add a bit of interest such as a high or low shot, or the use of a natural frame such as an archway, a gate or the boughs of a tree. It can also be better to have the subject off centre, rather than a lot of wasted space around the edges of the photograph.

Colour and light

Fill your shot with natural colour. Yes you can add effects afterwards but the best shots are those that look natural. So if your holiday destination is distinguished by bright blue sky, turquoise sea, lush greenery, whitewashed walls or pale sandy beaches then do find the best light to showcase those colours to best effect. You may even want to try using flash. It can help to even out contrasts and can sometimes make the difference between a good photo and a brilliant one.

Avoid flash indoors

Still on the subject of flash, try to avoid using it indoors. Overdependence on light from flash units can often result in a harsh cold light that is not the most flattering way to portray people. So if you are shooting indoors during the day, use as much natural light as you can, and if you are shooting indoors at night, put on as many lights as you can. Providing there is enough light to prevent the images being blurry, you will get a more natural result than when using flash.

Natural family portraits

When taking family portraits or other photographs of people, make sure everyone is relaxed and chatty as they can be. Many people do not like their photograph being taken so you may be better to try and capture some shots of them doing something rather than just standing staring at the camera. Round the dinner table is often a good opportunity, or perhaps some casual shots whilst out shopping or on an excursion somewhere interesting. The main thing is to take a large number of photos. There will almost always be one person with their eyes closed or looking the wrong way or doing something else you don’t want them to do, so having a large number of photos will give you the best chance of having everyone look their best.

Leo Francis

We hope that the above tips help you to get some good photographs that do justice to you, your family and the wonderful places you have visited. But if for any reason you are disappointed in them then why not let us help you recreate those holiday memories while they are fresh in your mind?

At Venture Studios we offer a range of photoshoot experiences. So you could bring everyone along for us to take some fun family portraits featuring clothes and props from your holiday. Whether it was a memorable meal in a special restaurant, a fun day out on the beach, or a party to remember; we can get the studio set up to help capture the memories of those happy times.

Have a browse through our photography experiences now to see how we can help. You can then either purchase your gift experiences directly through our website, or contact us at Venture Studios. We look forward to meeting you and your family, and helping you to recreate your holiday memories to enjoy forever.