May 2019

It’s all in the frame!

Showcase your family portraits with frames from Venture Studios…

If you are reading this from home, take a look around you. What do you see? Do you just see a pleasant and well-presented room or do you see a true representation of your life?

No matter how beautifully decorated and furnished a house is, it can lack soul and character without the little personal touches that reflect the family who live there.

At Venture Studios we are passionate about the way that photographs can transform a house into a home. But in today’s digital world, many of us do not showcase our photographs in any meaningful way. We may post them regularly on social media but do not have any special photos where they should be – at the centre of our home.

Look around you again and just imagine the difference to your room if there were some beautiful photographs on display. Rather than someone else’s artwork – someone else’s dream – why not surround yourself with your own memories and dreams?

One of the reasons that many of us shy away from putting photographs on display is that we don’t like clutter. We prefer a more contemporary, minimalist feel for our home. We may have distant memories of elderly relatives with living rooms crammed full of all kinds of everything, including dusty photographs in tatty frames. And unsurprisingly we don’t want any of that in our lovely home thank you very much!

jpeg family 4

Well at Venture Studios we have the perfect solution. We have a wonderful range of sophisticated frames that are the perfect way for you to display photographs in your home. We are delighted and proud that all these frames are exclusively made in the UK by one of the country’s foremost printers and framers, Premier Image. Premier Image are members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, and work to the Guild’s very high standards.

The quality of our artwork and framing has resulted in over 2.6 million Venture handmade photographic products being displayed in homes across the UK, USA and Asia. Wouldn’t you like your home to be added to this list?

If you choose to have a family portrait with us then not only will you have an amazing experience with one of our highly trained photographers, but you will also be given a framed photograph as a gift. You can read more details of all our experiences and gifts here.

You can also select more photographs and have them framed in any style of your choice. Have a look at some of our beautiful frames here!

room scene 1 2014.tif

Naturally, some of these frames do not come cheap. Whilst prices start from just £95 up they do go up to just over £2,500 for our largest piece of bespoke framed art. Which is probably comparable with any good quality piece of furniture – but a lot more meaningful!

Bear in mind that when you buy a frame from Venture Studios, you are not only purchasing the stunning frame itself – and your beautiful family portrait of course. You will also benefit from a top quality production process to ensure that your finished product will be perfect and worth every penny. Read more about the framing process here.

Incidentally we do offer various excellent interest free and interest bearing credit options available with our frames.

So why not get in touch with Venture Studios today to find out more about how our beautifully framed photographs can transform your house into a home?

You can contact us online or call us on 0845 121 1085.