July 2024

Milestone Photography Moments Your Family Can’t Miss

When you think about ‘milestone moments’ they probably look unique to your family compared to other people you know. Capturing those milestones is important for every family, so that you can look back at those images frozen in time while life moves speedily on. We are proud to be at the forefront of an industry designed to take photos that bring those milestones to life, in a way that looks timeless and perfectly fits your home.

We have expertly trained photographers who are ready to welcome you each step of the way on your family’s journey from pregnancy to newborn life and beyond.

Maternity Photoshoot

Every bump is different, the same way that every person carrying and newborn-to-be is different. Our maternity photoshoot captures you in a way you have never seen, highlighting the magnificent nature of growing a child in the tender moments before a new life is brought into the world. While there is often anxiety and stress around preparing for their arrival, this photoshoot experience offers you the chance to take a step back into the calm. Relax in one of our studios and rest in the feeling of love that you have for your child. Reflect in the moments after the birth at how far you have come and how beautiful your body is.

Newborn Photoshoot

The warm and clean studio environment welcomes you in to capture the swaddled smallness of your new bundle of joy. Our photographers are delicate in their approach, capturing the most stunning shots of your baby with any sentimental items you bring along with you: Grandad’s pocket watch; Dad’s football shirt; Mum’s baby blanket passed down through generations, or maybe big sister’s first teddy. Those sleeping moments will pass you by quicker than you think, which is why we recommend you bring baby in for their photoshoot during those first two weeks.

Sitter Sessions

Whether you missed the newborn stage or you want to capture your baby through every change, sitter sessions are the perfect photoshoot experiences for you. As they grow more confident in themselves before they take those much anticipated first steps, these beautiful moments offer an insight into your baby’s personality. With photos of them crawling, sitting, and standing, those chubby cheeks and stunning smiles will bring a tear to your eye as you hang your new art work in your home. Your little one soon won’t be so little any more and you will look at these photographs with such heartwarming nostalgia, for fun moments you created together in the studio and the frame that now captures that memory for life.

Cake Smash and First Birthday Photoshoots

What’s not to love about this photoshoot experience, with delicious cake, unique photos and someone else in charge of the clean up! Baby’s first birthday is a big moment, because you have both come a long way from those first moments bringing them into the world. See your child come to life with a celebration that they can look back on with such joy, for your family to reminisce through the years.

Beyond the First Milestones

Whether your children are embarking on their first years of school, grandad’s celebrating a big birthday, or perhaps your own child is now having a child of their own, we are here to welcome you back to Venture to celebrate. Let us be the one constant, with out timeless photography lasting the tests of time, and photographers that will continue to exceed your expectations every single time.

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