September 2019

Save Your Photos Day!

How to protect your photography with Venture Studios…

You may not be aware, but this Saturday 28th September is #SaveYourPhotosDay.

Save Your Photos Day has been celebrated on the last Saturday of September since being founded by The Association of Personal Photo Organizers in 2014.

But what is it?

Save Your Photos Day aims to educate people about the different ways in which they can organise, share, and protect their photographs.

This is a subject that we are passionate about at Venture Studios! Most people now have hundreds of photographs in many different locations and formats. We may have albums of precious photos handed down through the family, and perhaps we also have photo albums from our own childhoods. There may be boxes of photographs and negatives (remember them?!) in the attic or spare room wardrobe. Then perhaps CDs of early digital photos, supplemented by photos on our computers in all kinds of formats: some just in folders, others in photo software applications. And that’s even before you start adding our various phones into the equation.

So just what do we do with all these photos? The problem is that if they are not looked after properly they risk either being lost or damaged, or simply forgotten about. At Venture we believe firmly in #memoriesforever, but a happy forever doesn’t just happen, it needs to be nurtured.

selfie photography

Save Your Photos Day recommends that you digitise all your printed photos. You can do this at home either by rephotographing photos or scanning them in: there are apps that can help you to scan, such as Google’s free PhotoScan app. Another option would be to pay a professional service to digitise your photographs for you.

Once all your photos are digitised, it is worth storing them all in one place and organising them into meaningful folders. When you are happy that they are organised to the best of your ability, then do take a back up just in case anything goes wrong with your master set.

Cloud storage is an excellent way of storing photos. In addition to the well-known cloud storage suppliers – Google, iCloud, MicrosoftOneDrive, DropBox – there are also a range of more specialised photo storage solutions. Check out SmugMug, Amazon Prime Photos, Flickr and Photobucket. Not all cloud photo storage services are free, but they all offer secure storage and a range of additional benefits such as photo editing and products.

Most also allow you to share your photos with family and friends, which will also enable them to enjoy your #memoriesforever whenever and wherever they want to.

venture room scene

Once you have completely organised your photos then how about choosing some to display in your home? In our article The Return of the Photograph we explored the concept that digital storage – which as we have seen is brilliant for keeping photos safe – may result in many photos not being showcased as well as they could be. To get an idea of just how good framed photos can look, take a browse through our range of stunning photo frames and wall art here.

So on Save Your Photos Day why not look out for some extra special photos to take pride of place in your home? And if you realise that you would like a fresh set of photos of you and your family then perhaps it’s time to consider booking a family photography experience with Venture Studios.

Check out our range of photography experiences here. There is bound to be one that is just right for you, and you can either book online, contact your nearest Venture Studios, or call us on 0845 121 1085.

Take time this weekend to enjoy #SaveYourPhotosDay and to make sure that you have all the photos you need to create treasured #memoriesforever.