January 2016

Shoot for the Stars!

Baby asleep on a moon with stars

So you’ve decided to have a professional photoshoot? That’s great news! You will be creating some precious mementos that you will cherish forever. But how do you feel about the photoshoot itself? Ideally it should be an experience that you really enjoy, along with any friends or family who are also involved. But the prospect fills some people with trepidation. Fans of the TV series Friends need only think about Chandler’s engagement photoshoot to understand what we mean! Some people worry about having their photo taken and find it stressful.

So, how can you make sure a photoshoot is an enjoyable experience for all concerned? How can you get over any feelings of self-consciousness to ensure that the professional photos will capture the true spirit of everyone involved? Also, how do you decide what to wear? Something you won’t regret when looking back later on!

All the above questions are valid and relevant and a good professional photographer will welcome them and be completely understanding about them. The whole aim of a photoshoot is for the photographer and you to work together to tell a story. Your story. At Venture Studios your photoshoot experience starts long before you get to the studio! We will chat to you on the phone beforehand as part of getting to know you, so that we can understand your story and what makes you who you are. We will also discuss your hopes and dreams for the photoshoot, listen carefully to your ideas and perhaps share some of our own.

We take our time to get things right so that we do not waste your time by getting them wrong! We also hope that by doing this, everyone will be at ease in the studio. There is no place for pressure or stress – we want it to be fun!

As to what you wear …. well, anything you want! We can discuss ideas and themes with you if that helps. You are not limited to one outfit – bring as many as you like! Also do bring anything else that will help to convey your story. This could be props such as a rugby ball, cooking items, books, computers …. any items that you feel speak volumes about who you are and what makes you tick and reflect your personality. If in doubt then bring it! The photoshoot is YOUR day and we would rather you bring too many things and end up not using them all than realise part way through that you’ve left something behind that you would really have liked to feature.

So sit down and think carefully about your photoshoot. Don’t try to replicate what someone else has had, or to go along with what you think you “should” have. Do exactly what you want! It’s your story, your photoshoot, your choice.

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