July 2024

What is Sitter Session Photography?

Babies change the most in their first year, more than they will for the rest of their life. Parents can be left heartbroken for missing a photoshoot of the newborn stage in their baby’s life, where we capture their smallness in swaddles and sleep poses. This is why we are launching our own Sitter Session Photography.

We hope that your children can look back at their earliest memories with pride, in their moments before they take their first steps and quickly approach all their big milestones.

Sitter sessions are very simple – they are designed for your baby when they start sitting up confidently and comfortably before they start walking! While every child’s development is different, the age for this step is usually around 6 months. It is the perfect stepping stone before our Cakesmash and 1st Birthday Photography.

This photography package is different from our newborn style as it will capture the blossoming character that your baby is growing into, with their beautiful eyes wide open and their curiosity sparking. Our photographers are trained and at the ready to entertain your little one while capturing breathtaking moments to add to your child’s ongoing photography collection.

Parents, get ready to be involved from start to finish, as your presence ensures comfort and brings out the best in your little one’s smiles and giggles. This approach ensures that your baby feels confident in their new environment and is comfortable enough to reveal their true personality. Therefore, parental participation is highly encouraged.

What to expect from a Sitter Session photoshoot experience:

  • an initial call from the photographer, introducing themself and a few quick questions to get to know you, your baby, and any creative ideas you have for the photoshoot.
  • an hour-long photoshoot where our expertly trained photographers will capture perfect moments of your baby sat up.
  • a return visit where you can view all of the edited photography captured in a cinema-like experience with your family.
  • one complimentary frame of a chosen image worth £165

We specialise in portrait photography, which means that we specialise in people. We take photos of more than just a face, we photograph what makes a person unique beneath the surface. Our goal is to create pieces of art for your home, so that you can see the beauty of who that person is in your home every single day.

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