June 2019

Snap your Dad this Father’s Day

Ideal Father’s Day gift: Venture Studios family portrait…

One of our recent popular articles – The Return of the Photograph – explored how there is a renewed trend for printed photographs rather than just digital copies. People are beginning to realise afresh the significance and value of surrounding themselves physically with memories rather than just posting everything on social media with its limited shelf-life.

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In that article we referred to the song Photograph by Ringo Starr and George Harrison. The timeless lyric “Every time I see your face it reminds me of the places we used to go” is so poignant. A photograph has the power to transport us straight back to that moment, that memory. Once forgotten it now again becomes a vivid reality.

Which is why we have the perfect solution to your Father’s Day dilemma!

Fathers are so difficult to buy a gift for. The man who has everything – or actually doesn’t but acts as if he does! Yes the shops are full of Father’s Day cards and gifts, but many of these gifts are so stereotypical that they make you wince.

So this year why not get a photograph for Father’s Day? At Venture Studios we specialise in family portraits and offer a range of photography experiences which you can book directly through our website. Just think how amazing it would be to have some top notch photos taken with your dad! ….And as we know how hard Dad’s can be to buy for, we’re reducing the price of our Silver Photography Experience to just £35 for Father’s Day! From the 4th June all the way through to the 16th June you can take advantage of this fantastic offer and really celebrate Father’s Day in style…

Leo Francis

A word of warning. When you present him with the fait accompli that you have booked this photography experience he will probably winge. Not his thing etc etc. But believe us, once you go to the photoshoot it will be your Dad who will suddenly become the star of the show. We bet he will bring costumes and accessories – so you must too! He may even Dad dance (sorry!).

Trust us on this: a photography experience is the ideal gift for Father’s Day. Not only will you enjoy the experience together but you will come away with the gift of a family portrait of your choice that will capture the happy memories of this day forever.

And the good news doesn’t end there! In recognition of Father’s Day we are also running a special competition on social where the winner will take home a Kihel’s Men’s Gift Set plus a Silver Photography Experience Voucher – so make sure to head over to (and like!) our main Facebook page so you don’t miss out!

Leo Francis

So don’t delay – it’s nearly Father’s Day and you’ve got this. If you would like some more information on arranging your family portrait you can contact us online, alternatively you can book directly.