April 2023

Spring Activities for All

Things to do in spring;

The best thing to do is obviously come and visit us for a bespoke photoshoot tailored to you but what else can we do in the spring? Well to put that spring in your step we have put together a few ideas for you no matter the shape or size of your family!

For the family 

To the garden we go, a great way to spend some time with family and help to educate the younger family members is by showing them how plants can grow and blossom so start this spring, from marigolds to Sunflowers let them enjoy the journey of growing from a seed to success. 

Picnic in the park, a way we can all join together as we can see the sun start to shine.

The family bike ride, a great one to put away technology, make some memories and spend time together whilst getting in some exercise.

A lovely day to go out is to the farm, an educational piece for the children as well and a day for all the family to be engaged.

Set the children on a scavenger hunt, from indoors to outdoors there are different ways you can play this. Will it be finding flowers in the garden or looking through the kitchen draws?

Fly the kite, take the time to teach the children the games we used to play.

Blow the bubbles, one easy form of entertainment is bubbles! Help the children to make bubbles from shop bought or homemade with soap and water. How big or small can you make them and in the spring breeze can you catch them?

Let’s get baking, have a favourite recipe? Time to teach your children or at least let them do the taste test?

Independent activity 

The spring garden, as we go through spring it is exciting time we see the garden start to blossom again! It’s time to start sowing the seeds, preparing the flower borders and vegetable patches. Gardening can be a great way to relax and watch your work come to life, out with the weeds in with the seeds!

Read an easy breezy book outside in the shining sun.

Exercise is not everyone’s best friend but it is good for us even if we don’t initially want to go! Time to find the trainers and track for that run, or jog or the strong power walk. 

Golf or the driving range, to get in your zone on the round.

The spring clean, although some may hate the topic this is great for others, do you want a fresh start to your spring, a clean out or a new beginning – then get going!

A stroll to see the ducks, a nice way to aim your walk is to go and feed the ducks or look for the ducklings that are normally born between March until July.

Be adventurous in the kitchen, try a new recipe you have never made before, you may love it!

The bouquet, gather some flowers from your garden and make your own bespoke bouquet.

Things to do with your pets

Life has many simple pleasures and one we can forget is the joys of a simple walk. Time to take in the fresh air with your furry companion on a stroll of the town or a woodland walk, take in the scenery and the time to see what’s around.

One of our favourites here at venture, a pet friendly coffee shop. Not only a way for your pooches to make friends but also us humans and to see other loveable family members as well as a coffee! What’s not to love?!

Go berry picking, strawberries and blueberries can also be picked in late Spring.


Cardboard city! One way to get creative is to use your recycling, before throwing away your recycling. Have you thought about using it to create a dog house, a hamster maze or a cat house? Get as creative as you like!

Catch or frisbee? An activity in the park is a great one to take along your pet to enjoy especially if they can catch it too!

Four leaf clover search, the rare but lucky find.

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