April 2018

Festival Fun

Spring finally seems to be here which means that summer is not far away. And, as we all know, summer means festivals!

Festival 2

These days there are many types of festival. Whether you are into music, arts, comedy, theatre, literature, poetry, writing, food or drink, family fun, or any kind of spirituality there is something for you!

Whatever floats your boat, why not take advantage of a festival this summer? It may be your very first time or you may be an old hand, but either way there is much to be enjoyed.


If you do go to any kind of festival this summer you will no doubt want to do a bit of photography to remember your experience. We wrote an article called Festival Photography Hints and Tips back in 2016, and summarise key five points below to help you get that perfect festival shot!

  • Steady hands: Keep your hands as still as possible when you are taking a shot. Not easy in a festival environment but worth the effort to avoid the resulting photograph being blurry.
  • Background checks: Do be aware of anything distracting going on in the background of your shot that could completely ruin an otherwise brilliant photograph.
  • Lighting: Think Goldilocks! Not too much, not too little, but just right. Make sure the lighting available is appropriate for the resulting effect that you want. Bear in mind that in some cases you may need to use flash.
  • Spot the performer! Unless you either are really close to the stage or have an excellent zoom camera you are unlikely to be able to get good quality close up shots. So it may be best to take shots that capture the ambience of the event – including you and your friends – even if that does mean the performer is a little blurry.

  • Colour frenzy: Festivals are havens of colour but be careful that the subject of your shot is not in any way compromised by either a clashing or identical colour right next to them.

Do bear in mind as well that there will usually be many professional photographs and video clips of the festival available after the event. So by all means take photos of you and your friends throughout the festival so that you have some happy memories to look back on. But don’t let your obsession with photography interfere with you living in the moment and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. After all that is what going to a festival is all about!

Leo Francis

Another fun alternative would be to forget about festival photography altogether and have a celebratory post-festival photoshoot instead! You and your friends could bring along all your festival props and memorabilia and have a professional photoshoot that will show you all at your best and keep the memory of the festival alive for years to come!

Leo Francis

To find out more about our range of photography experiences, take a look at our website. You can then book your experience direct online or by calling your nearest branch of Venture Studios.