July 2024

Summer Colour Themes in Your Home

Summer is the perfect time to brighten your home with colour! Bright colours are proven to positively affect your mood, especially with the sun shining through your windows. But we want to help keep your home you, so we hope that you can find some inspiration below.

Using red-toned colours is meant to spark energy. Maybe add this to your home office to boost you through a productive-slump, or touches of red in accessories throughout the living room to help with anxiety.

Peaceful colours such as green and blue can bring about a more soothing feel, encouraging a lower heart rate and softening any feelings of chaos. If you tend to feel more frantic, maybe try some more earthy colours to bring a reminder into your home to slow down. Earthy browns can create a feeling similar to a security blanket, creating an anchor in the home and adding a warm, nurturing feeling.

Oranges and yellows can help with optimism – which is probably why we naturally feel happier when the sun is shining! Using these colour tones can touch your spirituality, bringing more compassion and help with any meditation. These colours can also apparently encourage appetite – so maybe fill up your fruit bowl with some oranges!

Whites are effective when trying to alleviate stress and bring about a calmness – perfect for a bedroom environment! To avoid a more clinical look, you can explore different varieties of off-white colours, which can create a more modern look.

For more inspiration, why not explore our Pinterest Boards!

Our photographers will give you a call up to five days before your photoshoot to talk you through the session. You can tell the photographer any ideas you have for your shoot, colours that you would like to use in the photos, and any colour schemes you have in your home that you want to work with. This will also help when the photographer talks you through all of our framing options, so that you know what coloured frames you would like for your walls.