August 2018

Summer Sizzler!

Well we hope that you are enjoying summer? And what a summer it has been so far! Unusually the prolonged good weather did not come to an end as the school holidays started, giving everyone a chance to get out and about and enjoy time together with family or friends.

This is making it a summer to remember, even if you are not planning to go away anywhere. In years to come 2018 may even replace 1976 in many people’s minds as the best British summer ever.

Leo Francis

Perhaps you already have your own special memories of the Summer of 2018? Irrespective of weather or holidays, it may be a significant time for you because of a major family event such as a wedding, new baby, graduation or house move.

Or it may simply be that you have come through some tough times in recent years and 2018 has been a much better and happier year for you than many others. A year where you feel calm and at peace, and able to enjoy day to day life again with family and friends.

Leo Francis

However you are enjoying this summer, we have something to help you celebrate even more! Our Summer Sizzler offer gives you 30% discount off our Gold Family Photography Experience. This means that until the end of August it now costs only £66 instead of £95.

The Gold Family Photography Experience includes a fun photoshoot for you and whichever friends, family members or pets you would like to bring with you. You will then enjoy a cinematic viewing of the photographs and will be able to choose a handmade Mini wall art frame (Gallery, Vue or Metro) valued at £370.

What better way to capture the memories of Summer of 2018! In years to come you will be able to transport yourself right back to these happy times you are enjoying now, and relive them all over again.

So don’t miss out! You can book our Summer Sizzler offer either directly through our website or contact us in person to find out more. We look forward to meeting you and to helping you keep the memories of this fantastic summer forever.

Leo Francis