April 2020

Support small businesses during Covid-19

Family photography during lockdown…

So we are now entering the next phase of lockdown. It’s life, but not as we know it.

One day all this will be over, but when we do eventually emerge from lockdown, what kind of life will we find? Will things ever go back to “normal”, or will there be a whole new normal?

Well, one thing that we can all do during lockdown, to try and help things to be normal again afterwards, is to support small businesses. Many of them will struggle to survive the pandemic, so if you want to see all your favourites open for business again, then now is the time to help. But what can you do?

Here are five ways that you can help to support small businesses during Covid-19.

Order from them

If your favourite small business is still trying to operate during Covid-19 then do support them. Maybe they are selling goods online, either their normal goods or a different range. For example, some local pubs are now offering home delivery or doorstep collection of fresh food. By buying from them you are not only supporting them, but also their suppliers. Without the supermarket queues.

Online clothing sales showed a 30% fall at the end of March, as compared to last year’s figures. So if your favourite clothing retailer is still operating online do support them. Even if you have to wait a while for delivery, you could be helping to support their employees as well as the workers in their supply chain.

So check out your favourite businesses to see if there is anything that you can still buy from them during this time. That would be a big help for both you and them.

Advance bookings

Many of us have had to change plans because of Covid-19, and many events have been cancelled. So why not start filling up your diary again, with things to look forward to in future? Yes, we don’t know how long all this will go on for, but why not make some advance bookings for things like restaurants, music events and holiday accommodation?

Many of these things can be booked without having to pay in full, and if they have to be cancelled you will get a refund. But just the act of making a booking is demonstrating your support.

You could even start thinking about Christmas!!


Many small businesses are still operating in a limited way online. Buying vouchers from them is a really good way to show your support. Whether it’s for experience days, restaurant meals or salon treatments, your business will be much appreciated.

The vouchers won’t be able to be used until lockdown is over, but as well as supporting the business, they give you something nice to look forward to, and also make the ideal gift during these difficult times.

At Venture Studios we have a wide range of family photography experiences available. Why not treat yourself or family or friends to a voucher for a fabulous photography experience for when all this is over? Take a look at what we have available to see which is best for you and your family.

Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 16.09.18

We are also proud to be offering vouchers for family photography experiences at very special prices to our wonderful NHS staff and essential workers, as a BIG thank you for all they are doing at the moment.

These experiences are priced at the very special rate of £1 for NHS workers and their families, and £10 for all essential workers, including teachers, police, armed forces, shop workers, carers, volunteers, postal workers and delivery drivers.

These family photography experiences include a one hour photoshoot followed by a cinematic viewing of the images, plus a table top framed image of your choice.

As well as these incredible prices, all the money raised goes to one of our chosen charities: Trussell Trust, Age UK and MIND.

So why not treat someone who you know deserves it? Vouchers can be used any time up to 31st December 2020. See more details here.

Social media

Even if your favourite business is not able to operate, they may well still be active on social media. So another positive thing you could do is to interact with them on social media.

By doing this you can keep in touch with what they are doing, and let them know you have not forgotten them. You can post comments and images, and invite others to like or follow them too.

At Venture Studios we love to see your own photos of our images in your home. We are all about telling your story and believe that home is where the heart of photography is. So do share on your social media photos of how great our images look in your home.

Also take the time to leave positive reviews on relevant online review sites to help spread the word about how wonderful they are.

By doing these things you can really help your favourite business win more loyal customers who will be ready to support them once lockdown is over.

Venture Studios would love to see you on Facebook or Twitter! Each of our studios also has its own Facebook page: find your nearest Venture Studios here and click the link for details.

Join them

Many of us are facing huge changes in our lives due to Covid-19. Perhaps the future of your current job is now uncertain? Or maybe the way that the pandemic has forced us to press the pause button on many aspects of our lives has given you time to think. And made you realise that it is time to move on from whatever you are currently doing?

Either way, it may be that when we do come out of lockdown, you will be ready for a fresh start. Something completely different.

You may want to consider working for a small business or setting up your own. Something that will enable you to be your own boss, in charge of your own destiny.

At Venture Studios we can offer you the opportunity to set up your own Venture Studios franchise! You could join our successful photography business irrespective of your background. Not only is this an exciting opportunity for a career change, but also a way of becoming more involved in your local community and helping to kickstart the local economy again.

We have a proven franchise model with low startup costs, excellent training, and ongoing central marketing support. All of which offers the potential for a fantastic return on investment for you. So if you are motivated and driven, and realise that you have the desire to run your own business, first find out more on our Run Your Own Studio page. Then if you are interested in taking things further, fill out the Venture Studios Franchise Enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

All of us at Venture Studios send our best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time. We hope that you stay safe and well.

We look forward to meeting you at your local Venture Studios once we are open again.

Meanwhile, do check back here soon for more photography and creative tips from Venture Studios.