October 2020

The Best Autumn Photography Tips

Top seasonal photography tips from Venture Studios

Autumn is upon us, and now is the time to enjoy the glorious colours we see all around. We hear a lot about the beauty of New England in the Fall, but autumn in the UK can also be incredibly stunning.

So in this article we will share some photography tips about just how to capture that perfect autumn shot. We’ll also explore some brilliant places to visit this autumn, particularly with half term in mind.


How to take the perfect autumn photograph

Getting that stand out autumn shot is not easy. How can a photograph truly reflect the beauty and richness of those autumn colours?

There are three things that can help with this.

The first is to continually practise and improve your photography skills. Whatever equipment you are using, you need to get to know it as well as you can, so that you know what it can do and will be ready to get the best shots in any situation. Check out our article Ten Photography Tips for Beginners to learn more about how to take really good photographs.

The second is to take as many shots as you can. The more photos you take, the greater your chance of achieving the result that you are looking for. This is not wasteful because you can always delete the shots that you are not going to use. So snap away!

The third thing is to be aware of extra factors related to autumn; things that can make all the difference between a good shot and a brilliant one.

Let’s take a look at five of these:

  • Choose the best time of day for light. Autumn is often described as golden, and to get that warmth of colour in your photos, the best time of day to take your shots is either just before sunset or just after sunrise. So check the times of sunrise and sunset on your weather app and make sure you’re in the right place at the right time.
  • Go for the ethereal look. If you want something a little bit different, then try taking some shots where the lighting and colours are blurred in some way. For example, you could choose to take photos on a misty or rainy morning, or try taking photos of water in which the surrounding trees are reflected.
  • Experiment with contrast. Head into the woods and see what kind of varying shots you might be able to take. You are likely to find areas of dappled light to add contrast and depth to your photos. You may also find interestingly shaped trees or other natural structures that could form the focus of your autumn shots.
  • Try different angles. It’s tempting to stick to wide, fairly traditional, landscape shots. But look around and try some different angles as well. For example, how about shooting upwards so that you get the tops of the trees from underneath. Or try looking down and have a go at capturing the rich tapestry of fallen leaves and foliage at your feet.
  • Macro photography. Leading on from the above, don’t just focus on landscape shots. Macro photography is all about taking close up shots of subjects, however small. So have a good look around for eye-catching plants, fungus, leaves or berries. If you are very lucky you may even spot some small animal, bird or insect and be able to get some fabulous close up shots.


Beautiful places to visit this autumn

So far so good. But where can you go to get the best autumn pictures? Especially if you are also combining your photography trip with half term child care.

Here are five ideas for great places to go.

  • A walk in the woods. As we saw above, this can provide many opportunities for different types of shot, and could also be a great fun day out for the whole family.
  • A trip to the beach. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking beaches are just for summer. But they can be stunning in autumn, particularly on a golden sunny day, and you could get some great shots of features like pebbles, seaweed and driftwood.
  • Hilly country walk. Get everyone wrapped up warm and hike out into the countryside. You can get some amazing aerial shots from the tops of hills, and should be able to capture a wide range of colours and textures in each image.
  • Historic buildings. Beautiful buildings make a wonderful backdrop for autumn photographs. Whether you find a stately home adorned by autumn foliage, a magical fairy tale castle or a woodland folly it will dramatically enhance your autumn photography. As a starting point, check out the National Trust or English Heritage to discover some wonderful places in your area.
  • Last but not least, how about as a treat you let yourself get in front of the camera instead of behind? Why not visit your nearest Venture Studios for a fun photoshoot? We have a range of photography experiences available, and you could bring the family – with all their autumn gear of course – for your very own personalised autumn photography session.

Good luck with your autumn photography! We hope that the above tips are helpful and that you enjoy discovering new places.

Do check back here soon for more photography tips and offers from Venture Studios.