February 2018

The return of the photograph!

Do you remember the song Photograph by Ringo Starr and George Harrison?

“Every time I see your face

It reminds me of the places we used to go

But all I’ve got is a photograph

And I realize you’re not coming back anymore”

Photographs are like music in that they can bring back memories in an instant. We are immediately transported back to a particular time or place and can almost relive that moment all over again.

Many older people have homes that are full of photographs. Whether in frames large or small, or in albums of all shapes and sizes, there are family portraits and various other photographs relating to many different stages of their lives. How lovely to be able to look back on all these happy memories and reminisce about special moments.

However in recent years the advent of technology has rather diluted the joy that photos such as family portraits can bring. Instead of having prints that can be proudly displayed in our homes, it has become to trend to do everything digitally instead. Photos are taken indiscriminately at every opportunity. Little effort is put into getting a good quality photograph; because with digital technology we can simply delete anything we don’t like. The resulting images – whether good, bad or ugly – are then often shared on social media. After which they are completely forgotten.

The result of this is that many people do not actually have photographs in their home. They may have a large – rather disorganised – assortment of photos on various digital devices and social media, but nothing tangible to treasure.

This sea change in how we capture key moments could mean that future generations have nothing to look back on; no record of the stories of our lives.

But now it seems that the tide is turning. There is a resurging interest in cameras with film. Yes: cameras where you can actually print out photographs!

However, this new trend is not for the type of film cameras where you need to take your film to a store to be processed then wait for the results. The cameras that are seeing a huge rise in popularity are instant cameras.

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Instant cameras enable you to take a photograph which is then printed out straightaway. They therefore combine the best of both worlds: you see the results of your photographic shot instantly, but also have a physical photograph to keep.

Many instant cameras can also be connected to mobile apps. This means that you can also get a digital version of your photograph, along with options to edit it with filters and stickers. So social media addicts can also be well-served by instant cameras!

There are several makes of instant camera on the market, and the quality does vary. The results may not be in the same league as a high end digital SLR or smartphone. But they fill a much-needed gap in the market, and combine on-trend and nostalgia in a fun way.

Taking photos

Manufacturers of instant cameras include Polaroid, Fujifilm, Lomography and Leica. The size of the pictures produced depends on the kind of film that the camera takes. Film is relatively expensive, ranging from around 50p to £2 per shot.

The cost of the film is likely to mean that people do take more care when taking photos with an instant camera. So even if the resulting photo is not professional quality, it will be much more meaningful than if it were just one of a digital batch.

This resurgence of printed photographs also gives people the opportunity to make them a feature of their homes. This is where Venture Studios can help! We have a wide range of contemporary photo frames to display your brand new photographs to stunning effect. Whatever effect you are looking for – traditional frames, frameless, layering or mosaic effect – we have the perfect product for you.

We also do a range of distinguished leather photo albums, which is another way of storing your lovely photos in a safe but easy to access format.

A photo frame or album also make wonderful and much-appreciated gifts. So with various occasions at this time of year such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, it could be the perfect solution to your gift dilemma.

You can view all our frames and photo albums on our website, then do feel free to contact us if you are ready to purchase or need further advice on the best way of showcasing your photographs.

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