June 2024

Top Tips for a Professional Photoshoot with Children

Know your schedule

Make sure you time the photoshoot right with your family’s schedule. Children that are rested and fed will be happier and more cooperative – so don’t try to plan the shoot right before any naps or mealtimes.

Props and outfits

Plan what they will wear in advance but make sure it’s something they will be comfortable and happy in. Props work well for keeping children entertained during the shoot, and it makes for some fun and creative images for your home!

Don’t say cheese

Please don’t try to practise for the photoshoot! Our photographers are expertly trained to capture your family’s most authentic smiles by interacting with you and bringing out the love you have for each other. We pride ourselves in framing moments for your home that amaze you, because of how our photographers have captured the real you.

Timing is everything

Be on time or arrive early, so that the children can get comfortable in the studio environment before the photoshoot. Jumping straight into the session and in front of the camera may feel quite jarring!