June 2024

Hints and Tips for your Venture Photoshoot

When should I pick out my outfits?

Your photographer will call you up to five days before your photoshoot to ask about what you want from your photoshoot and what sort of styles you like. If you can have at least a vague idea of what kind of outfits and colours you are going to wear this would help the photographer to make a more in-depth plan for the photoshoot. Otherwise, bring however many outfits you like on the day and the photographer will try to work in as many as they can!

How should I do my makeup?

We always recommend doing your makeup in a way that reflects you and what you naturally look like, so that the images we capture show your true beauty and carry a memory of the moment throughout time.

What should I pack and bring on the day?

When talking to customers about what they should pack, we always suggest bringing multiple outfits, just in case they want to capture a different look or colour from the main outfit you wear on the day. We also recommend bringing in some personal items that you might want included in the photos, such as a family hobby or heirloom, so that you can remember something special and unique to your family.

We can provide teas, coffees and water, but some families often bring small snacks and juice drinks, or a tablet to keep the little ones entertained while we chat to you after your photoshoot.

I’m feeling nervous, how do I get rid of my nerves before the photoshoot?

The biggest thing is to not worry! Our studios are relaxed, comfortable environments and our staff are always friendly and welcoming to any person (or animal) that comes through the door. The photographer will offer you a drink when you arrive, so you won’t be rushed straight inside and in front of the camera.;

The photographers are expertly trained to capture the most stunning moments of your natural state, so they will take some test images when you first get into the studio to get you warmed up in front of the camera. Most importantly, our staff will be your biggest hype person! They will be able to capture your most authentic self despite any nerves you may be feeling to begin with, and we know you will be feeling comfortable and confident by the end of the shoot.