June 2021

Together Again!

We are nearly there! Freedom Day turned out not to be on June 21st, but we’re all hoping for July 19th.

So how are you going to celebrate the lifting of Covid restrictions?

For many of us, the lockdowns, tiers and other restrictions have been time for a bit of a rethink. Perhaps in the old normal we did rush around too much, trying to do too many things all at once and wearing ourselves out in the process.

For this reason, many people are feeling a reluctance to make plans or to commit to doing too much. We don’t want to end up in that endless whirlwind of activity again.

But what we do want to do, more than anything, is spend time with the people who are significant to us. Family and friends that we may not have been able to see for months. And now we can see people, and touch them again.


In our recent article Celebrate the Return of the Hug, we explored the importance of touch and the power of hugging. For many people who have been isolated during the last year, this is going to be so special, and so significant.

Enjoy being together again

When arranging to meet your loved ones, it can be difficult to decide what to do. But the best thing is to keep it simple. Even though your first thought might be to do something special, such as go out for a slap up meal, it may actually be better for your first reunion to be in a home. This provides the ideal combination of space and privacy, with no third parties involved. It also means that you can work to your own timescales without feeling in any way rushed.

The important thing is that you are together again, and can spend precious time together catching up on all you have missed over the last year.

To inspire you, just take a look at this lovely video of a family coming together again.

Venture Studio’s Together Again offers

Once you are reunited with your family, then some semblance of normality can resume. Bring on those slap up meals! And to help you celebrate being back together again, we have something very special for you too . . .

For a limited time only, Venture are delighted to bring you three amazing offers on our family portraits. You can choose from our Gold, Platinum or Maxi photoshoots, all at greatly reduced prices.

Each photoshoot includes a one hour photo session, valued at £150, followed by a personal viewing session of the resulting images. You can then take away an image of your choice in a stunning frame or wall art, valued between £400 and £1000.

Find out more details on the Venture Studios Together Again page here.

Our special Together Again offers are priced at:

  • Gold – £66 (value £550)
  • Platinum – £199 (value £850)
  • Maxi – £650 (value £1150)

So why not book your family portrait with Venture Studios, and have something special for all the family to look forward to. What a lovely way to celebrate being back together again, and to create some special memories that you will treasure for years to come.

Leo Francis

You can book your Together Again family portrait session online by following the links below:

Or contact your nearest Venture Studio.

We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to Venture Studios very soon, and helping you to enjoy being Together Again.