April 2016

Top 10 Talents to Have for 2016

Dog pushing a child in a mini trolley


The term ‘talent’ is often confused when it comes to the meaning of the word. What is talent? How do we know if someone has a special talent? And more importantly how do we express ourselves when we have one? This April our Saturday nights have once again been taken over by one of the nation’s most popular television programme, also known as Britain’s Got Talent. We eagerly watch audition after audition of individuals showing their talent to the judging panel (Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon) and also to the many people in the audience. Just thinking about the audition process is nerve racking enough, so is there any wonder why so many people freeze on stage? Nevertheless, we either watch people grasp their moment and truly shine, or we watch people utterly, and embarrassingly, fail whilst our hands are carefully placed in front of our eyes not wanting to look!

With this said, we live in a generation where people can excel in anything they want to, we are more open minded about what is considered as a talent, and we tend to rally around individuals that have an unusual talent. In previous years people have (narrow mindedly) assumed that a talent has to be something such as dancing or singing, and while this is still a popular choice when it comes to talent shows, people over the years have become more open to the definition of what ‘talent’ is.

Below we have listed the top 10 talents to have for 2016;

1. Singing

2. Dancing (Group Acts) e.g. street dancing

3. Dog Acts

4. Dancing (Single/Due) e.g. Ballet, Ballroom

5. Musicians

6. Comedians

7. Acrobats

8. Choirs

9. Magicians

10. Sports related talents e.g. football, diving, basketball, etc.

You will notice that some of these talents are expected, however there is a clear opportunity for people with unusual talents to really get noticed this year!

Take at look at our photography to see how your talents can play a huge part in the images we capture.