July 2018

Top of the Class!

For many families with teenagers, the months of May and June were full of sleepless nights, churning stomachs headaches, bitten nails, and STRESS: and that’s just the parents!!

If your son or daughter has recently finished GCSEs or A-levels then you have our sympathy. Exam time is no fun for anyone. No matter whether your offspring have been studying hard for months or have left everything till the last minute, those exam weeks are always difficult.

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But now it’s all over and we hope that they – and you – are having a happier time. Perhaps you’ve all managed to get away on a much-needed family holiday, for once out of the busy and expensive school holiday period. Or maybe this is the year they have gone off either travelling or to festivals or for a summer job. But hopefully peace reigns, for now.

However, August is fast approaching and it will then be results time. More stress – but hopefully lots of joy too.

Results Day can be the time when dreams either come true or are broken. We hope that for you and your family it is the former, and that your son or daughter gets the grades they need to get into their chosen college, university, or place of work. This will be the beginning of another story; of the next phase of their journey through life.

If they don’t get the grades they need for their first choice, they may well feel devastated but there are always other options, and it will be up to you to help them find those and to make alternative plans.

Funnily enough, whatever the outcome, Results Day can also feel like a bit of an anticlimax for teenagers. Perhaps it is a form of closure: the sudden realisation that the school or college phase of their life is well and truly over. Some can feel disappointed with their results, even if they are good enough to get them where they want to be. There is always someone who has done better: the kind of students with double figure top grades that get their photos in the paper. This kind of peer pressure can make your son or daughter feel inadequate even if they have done really well.

So don’t be surprised if there is any kind of unexpected reaction to your son or daughter’s results: the whole experience is all very complex and emotional, and made more so by the ensuing decisions that are based upon that significant piece of paper.

At Venture Studios we know that you will be proud of your son or daughter whatever they have achieved, and will be there to help them move on to that next step on life’s journey. Whether this means heading for the nearest Ikea to start stocking up with household items for Uni, or going back to the drawing board to look at other possible options, they will very much need your support at this time. Even if they pretend they don’t!

So have a think about what you can do to celebrate their success in a way that they will enjoy. Going out somewhere special on the evening of Results Day is always a good idea, but perhaps you would also like something a bit more longlasting to mark the occasion?

At Venture Studios we can offer you and your family a range of photographic experiences which would be great fun for you all and leave you with a family portrait to treasure for years to come. A family portrait of you as you all are right now; before your son or daughter begins to fledge their wings, ready to fly the nest.

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Whatever Results Day brings, it heralds the wind of change. The next few years will be so significant for your son or daughter, and for you as a family. So take the time now to capture this moment before it is gone forever. You’ll be glad you did!

You can either book a Venture Studios photography experience directly through our website or contact us to find out more.