March 2018

Top of the props!

At Venture Studios we are passionate about photography! Whether you want an individual photoshoot, a mother and daughter experience, family portraits, pregnancy photos we can do it all!

Many photoshoots also feature some of the important people and things in your life. For example, family members, babies, children, pets and even cars! But when you come for a photoshoot at Venture Studios you are also very welcome to bring other props too: items that are an important part of your life and a key element of your story.

Skateboard Venture

Each one of us has our own story. At times it may not feel like it: times when everything is frantically busy and life just kind of takes over. But the beauty of a photoshoot is that as well as being a fun and enjoyable experience in itself, it is an opportunity to spend some quality time with yourself and remember who you are.

So in preparation for your photoshoot have a think about yourself. What are your great passions in life? What are your interests? If we were to ask your family or close friends to describe what you like doing, what would they say?

props venture

Once you have given that some thought, what kind of props might you want to use? We have seen pretty much everything: there are no rules. Your photo shoot is about you – so you call the shots. But as a start, here is a list of ten top props that others have used that may help get your mind racing!

  1. Sportswear – for the more active amongst us
  2. Sports team scarves/shirts or mascots – for those who prefer to watch from the sidelines
  3. Luggage – for those who like to travel
  4. Technology/gadgets – for those who are never far from a screen
  5. Artistic materials or musical instruments – for the creative types
  6. Bakeware or kitchen aprons – for the budding Bake Off winners
  7. A mirror or picture frame – for the more photogenic of us
  8. Flowers or plants – for those with green fingers
  9. Tools – for the more mechanically minded
  10. Small items of furniture – such as a favourite chair – for those that like to take things a little easier

In addition there are many small and silly props you can purchase that you might use for things like photo booths or hen parties. Things like fake moustaches, flags, banners, balloons, Disney items etc. So if you want a bright and colourful set of photos that portray the fun party side of you then this could also be a good place to start.

Whatever props you choose, we look forward to incorporating them into a wonderful set of photographs that will reveal exactly who you are. We have a wide range of photography experiences available, and they all include at least one stunning photograph for you, in either framed or wall art form.

Older man Props venture

We look forward to seeing you – and your props – at Venture very soon. You can book directly through our website or get in touch with us if you need further information.