January 2018

Top Ten Proposals!

In our recent article – Love is in the Air – we discovered that Christmas is one of the most popular times to get engaged. However, hard on its heels is of course Valentine’s Day, which is fast approaching.


So in case you are thinking of popping the question this February 14th, here are ten special ways you may want to do it:

1. Go back to where you started.
Why not recreate your first date? So much has happened between you since then, but how romantic to go back to where you started and do it all again! It would be fun to reminisce over how you met and how you both felt on that all-important first date. Not only can you enjoy recreating the romance but you can move it up a gear by proposing!

2. Always work with children or pets!
If you have a child or a pet then why not let them do the talking? Get a T-shirt or collar disc, fridge magnets or hand drawn card – or any other suitable object of your choice – and have it personalised with a message such as “Mummy will you marry Daddy”. Who could possibly refuse?!

3. Round the world and home again.
During your relationship you will have been to many different places that have some kind of significant courtship meaning you both. Why not create a personalised print including all these different places with a special message at the end that confirms you’ve arrived at the best destination: being together.

4. High days and holidays!
Talking of going to different places, another brilliant idea is to take your loved one away on a special holiday and propose there. Being away somewhere beautiful together is the ideal setting to move your relationship to the next level. A double celebration!

5. Light up the sky.
If you’re feeling really flash then how about this one? Contact your local skywriter (who you obviously have on speed dial!) and get them to write out your proposal in the sky? You’ll have to get the timing right to coincide with you and your other half doing a bit of cloud watching. But it will be their favourite talking point for years!

6. Good sport.
If you both have a favourite sport and like to watch it live then that’s the ideal proposal scenario for you. Whether you get a message relayed on a big screen or bribe your local team to get your partner onto the pitch at half time is up to you. Either way they’ll be delighted and won’t be able to say no!

7. The camera never lies.
How about creating a personalised photo album that tells the story of your life together so far. Special photos capturing special moments; some just the two of you, some family portraits and others of the special people and places in your life. The leave the last page blank with the title “Our Wedding” ….

8. An old-fashioned picnic.
Everybody loves a picnic. But this isn’t any old picnic, oh no! Go to town with elegant tablecloth, napkins, crockery and glasses. Get the best food – and round it off with a personalised bottle of champagne to help you pop the question!

9. Treasure hunt.
On the pretext of a fun game, get your other half involved in a treasure hunt with a difference. Leave lots of clues for them to work out, and gradually lead them to the star prize – a ring. This can either be small scale in your own home to something more ambitious – perhaps involving friends – around a city.

10. Flash mob.
Last but definitely not least why not brighten your partner’s commute by proposing? You can arrange for a group of singers to surprise them on their way home. You could either arrange this yourself – with friends or family or perhaps a local choir – or use a professional company for added wow factor.

Good luck with your proposal! We hope it goes well and that they say yes!

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