October 2015

Trick or Treat

Halloween is growing more and more popular each year. What started as an American celebration in 1900s has now become a well-known holiday in countries all over the globe! We can’t seem to get enough of the spooky festivities. So how do we prepare for Halloween whilst juggling a career, children and our every day to day life?

Cute halloween images of babies


First of all it is important to get your pumpkin sooner rather than later! Pumpkins will go off around 3 days after they have been carved, however if you leave them untouched then they will last for a lot longer. It is better to get your pumpkins earlier, as people will purchase theirs as soon as possible- this means that you will be left with less choice, smaller pumpkins, and sometimes the ones that have already started to go mouldy and damaged. It is a lot easier to carve a pumpkin that is fresh. By designing fun and creative designs for your pumpkin, will immediately make your house feel spooky and in the Halloween spirit!


Get the kids involved in the carving process; however make sure that they are supervised at all times. By getting the kids involved will create fantastic family time! Venture Studios actually have a pumpkin competition running through all studios this Halloween! Once you have carved your pumpkin, take a photo (try and make it as spooky as possible), upload the photo to Facebook and tag @Venturestudios in the image. One lucky winner will then be chosen as the overall winner- they will win a free family Venture experience photoshoot at their local studio!


Decorating the house can be tricky as this can become quite time consuming. However, supermarkets appear to have clocked onto this issue, as they are now making their Halloween decorations a lot easier and simple to put up and make. Grab some spider cobweb, Halloween tinsel and a glow in the dark ghost and your house will go from loving home to haunted house in no time!

Trick or Treat

If you have children you will know that finding the perfect costume, whilst trying to keep the little ones warm and wrapped up can be quite difficult. The easiest option to go with for girls is a witch costume- you can keep them wrapped up and looking spooky and in character at the same time! With boys a great option is a zombie- again it’s easier to keep them warm with lots of layers of clothing!


Grab lots of chocolate and sweets the week before Halloween so that you are all ready for the trick or treaters! You will always be surprised by how many trick or treaters turn up at your door each year!
If you have run out of sweets to give the little ones, they won’t forget next year, so make sure you have plenty! Supermarkets always do great deals on packs of sweets and chocolates, so you can get stocked up without emptying the contents of your purse!

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