June 2016

United We Stand?

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.11.22We can’t escape talk about Europe at the moment! The UEFA Euro 2016 competition is now with us until its final in St Denis on Sunday 10th July. Then part way through the competition – on 23rd June – the UK has its historic referendum on whether to remain or leave the European Union. If we leave does it mean that this could be our last Euro tournament? Who knows?!

However any of the UK teams perform in Euro 2016, and whether or not the nation decides to stay in Europe, it has set us wondering about just what is the UK now? We have so many different cultures within the country, we are in Europe at the moment but then may not be, we are also part of the Commonwealth – and of course still have our very British Royal Family and have celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday. With all this in mind, just what is the essence of the United Kingdom? If we were to arrange a representative “Photoshoot UK”, what would it look like?!

This diversity also exists in many – if not most – individual families. Especially in these days of the extended family many different backgrounds and cultures can be brought together into the family grouping. Given that we are living in such potentially significant and historic times it could be an ideal opportunity to get the whole family together for a family photoshoot! You can look back on the photo in years to come and remember that the photoshoot was just before the UK decided to remain in or leave the EU – and also perhaps the time when your favourite team won Euro 2016?!


It can be difficult to get everyone together but maybe Euro 2016 is a good excuse for a party. Although if your family are serious football fans then you may need to tread carefully with the timing! If there’s a match on then they will want to watch it: and if you have supporters of both teams playing then things could get tense! If the family are a bit half-hearted about football then you could have a bit of fun with setting up some to actively support one team and some the other – perhaps with prizes and forfeits for the winners and losers. Or you may have some family members who are not at all interested in the football and prefer to sit in the garden with a nice cool drink, which is fine too – good old British weather permitting!

But all the above scenarios could be the ideal setting for a family photoshoot that really does represent the UK as we know it today. The football fans – real or staged – could wear or hold something that represents their team, and those that don’t care could do just the opposite. As a result, you may have a complete mish mash of team colours and mascots in the photoshoot, representing every corner of the UK and beyond. What happy memories that will bring in years to come!

Within the next few weeks we will know how our future lies in terms of the EU – and we will also hail the winner of Euro 2016. Significant times. So why not get on and organise that photoshoot to have a piece of UK history!