July 2022

Home Inspiration – Use of Texture

We live in an age where everyone goes to their mobile phone to see the latest trend and craze, and we can’t ignore the fact that Pinterest is one of our biggest influencers when it comes to interior design. Over recent months we’ve seen a huge trend increase in terms of the buzzword ‘texture’ … but what does texture really mean? And how can we incorporate this into our homes? 

In its simplest form, texture is anything that adds dimension to a room. This could be anything from a fluffy pillow, a wooden floor, to a hard uneven brick wall. It’s an element that adds a feeling, which designers like to use texture to create an accent in a specific room. You would typically find that smooth textures make a room feel cooler, which creates that ultra modern vibe/feel. Whereas rough textures will often make a room feel warmer and create a more traditional feel.

You might be asking yourself “but why do you care about textures as a photographer” well here’s the best thing… We use textures in our everyday photography sessions… we’re basically trend setters! 

Get Inspiration from our Pinterest Board

Our photographers will use texture as a visual design element in order to bring the photograph to life, to make it feel more three dimensional and interesting. Texture can be created by using depth of field, which is the process of blurring the background whilst objects in the foreground stay in focus. This gives you that lovely soft focus textured look in the background. 

We use texture to add depth and to engage your sense of touch. For example in our newborn sessions we often use warm, fluffy, thick blankets to snuggle the baby in. Yes this immediately adds an adorable reaction to the image, but once it’s up on your wall it also makes you want to reach out and touch it. You immediately imagine how it feels and will feel a certain way towards the image. It can also jog back a memory or take you back in time in your mind. It’s safe to say that we love texture!

You don’t just have to rely on your photographer to bring texture into your home, you can easily add texture to any room with certain skills and techniques.

Five examples of how to bring texture into your home

  1. MarbleA simple modern and smooth texture that is very popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Marble will give any room that modern stand out vibe that you’re seeking. Why not match our frames with your marble texture.
  2. GlassGlass decor is super stylish and brings a luxurious feel to a room. This was a big trend in 2016 and one that people are still obsessing over now in 2022. Accessorize with a big glass centrepiece light in your dining room or if you we’re looking for something more subtle try a small glass hanging pendant. Our ice frame in frost is the perfect choice for that glass focused feel.
  3. WoodWood is a great way to add a traditional feel to your home. Whether this be done via matt wooden flooring, or an eye catching furniture piece or through one of our British Made hand-crafted frames. Take a look at our Urban frame with its modern moulding in a range of classic wood colours.
  4. Wool – For a more simple way to add texture to a room, try adding a woollen blanket or rug to your room. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to transform a room with texture. You could even try contrasting fabrics such as velvet so help change the vibe during different seasons.
  5. LightingLighting can be used in many ways to transform a room, but people often overlook it in their homes. It’s no wonder that as photographers, we are obsessed with lighting, and we won’t stop until we’ve found the best lighting in the studio. A warm light has the ability to make a room feel warm, welcoming, soft and inviting. A white light however is a lot sharper and can therefore make a room feel a lot harsher, this is why a lot of people will refer to a white light as feeling ‘clinical’

Now you have the hints and tips on how to bring texture into your home, you might be wondering how you can incorporate this in your session with one of our photographers? When your photographer calls you for your fire-up call, mention it then. Tell them how you want to bring texture into your home and you’d like to blend it into your images. Our team are the experts and will advise you on what to bring. 

If you’re thinking “I’ve already had my fire-up call, what do I do now?” again no worries… hit us up over on Pinterest and check out our Textures Mood Board, where you will find all kinds of examples and ideas on what to bring with you, outfits, accessories etc.

So now you know how to bring texture into your session and home… which texture are you vibing with?