January 2016

Photography past and present – the rise of wall art!

How the world of photography has changed in recent years! Although the first acknowledgement of photography was in 1839, it remained very much a specialist domain – with complex cameras and hours in the dark room – until the latter half of the 20th century.


Photographs such as family portraits were rare and treasured commodities that were carefully stored and preserved and loved. They had to be developed before they could be seen, until the popularity of the instant but expensive polaroid cameras in the 1970’s. These were a foretaste of things to come had we only but realised it at the time!

By the 1990’s digital cameras were all the rage, bringing with them the freedom to take as many photos as you wanted to, without the necessity of paying for them all to be developed. The hope being that in amongst dozens of photos you might end up with a few really good shots!

But there is a lot of truth in the saying that “familiarity breeds contempt”. With those dozens of photos – multiplied many times over – came a decreasing respect for photos. Once seen, instantly forgotten, or so it seems. Photos are everywhere . . . . . . . and yet nowhere!

Whilst our social media sites are bursting at the seams with photos of anything and everything – not forgetting the phenomenal Rise of the Selfie that we blogged about in March – not many people seem to display photos in their home any more. It is ironic that we take more photos than ever but rarely actually look at them!

Despite all these changes however, many people do still yearn for some kind of physical media. Something you can see and touch. In particular, most of us would really appreciate those captured special moments being constantly visible in our home so that we can see and enjoy them, not hidden away online.

The ideal solution is wall art! What better way of adding a personal touch to your home than by adorning your walls with tasteful photographs. Particularly if you have professional photos done, these will look both stunning and stylish. Imagine how much joy a beautiful family portrait on your wall would bring each and every day.


At Venture Studios we specialise in family portrait photography with a difference! We don’t just take photographs, we tell stories – YOUR story! We take the time to get to know you all before the photoshoot so that we can understand what makes your family who they are.

During the photoshoot itself we will ensure that we put you at your ease and capture the spirit of who you really are. The finished product will delight you and become a cherished memento that you will all treasure for years to come.

We also provide a wonderful and stylish range of frames and mounts to ensure that your wall art looks just the way you want it to. Our Vue, Gallery, Citi, Urban and Jazz styles all have distinctive frames and cover a range of colours, whereas our Metro, Lumino and Ice are without a surrounding frame. All our frames are created from the best quality material. Our clear frames are glass not Perspex, and wooden frames are genuine wood not Polcore. Naturally – in line with our love for the environment – our wood is sourced from sustainable forest, made in the UK.

Whether a single piece of wall art or several items displayed together, there is sure to be a style that will complement your decor. Why not take a look through our frame collection now to see some inspiring ideas of how wall art can transform your home?

At Venture Studios we look forward to meeting you and creating one or more glorious pieces of wall art that will bring your story to the very heart of your home.