March 2022

What Not to Wear to a Photoshoot

As photos are obviously a visual thing, what you wear to a photoshoot is an important part of this. However perhaps even more important is what not to wear to a photoshoot as certain things can be too distracting, not visually impactful / appealing for the finished result or just plain incompatible if you are looking for the best possible photos from your photoshoot. Here we take a look at what not to wear to a photoshoot so you can plan in advance for picture perfect results!

What Not to Wear to a Photoshoot

what not to wear to a photoshoot venture photo studiosBlending into the Background – Some people may forget this as they get dressed at home or away from where the photoshoot is taking place; but you want to ensure you don’t match and blend in with the background of the location. For example if the photoshoot is in a forest or field and you are wearing a green dress or suit or even the colour brown (a popular shoe colour choice); you are at risk of just fading into the background as your clothing colours simply blend into the grass, trees and ground etc. Likewise even indoors at a photo studio, the usually plain white background can wash you out if you are wearing all white too. Of course professional photographers can work around this colour blending to a degree, but you are better off avoiding outfits that will be a hindrance to your results if you blend in.

Clothing that is ‘Too Loud’ – Children’s clothing can be known for this – with designs that are full of logos, pictures and sayings etc. from head to toe. Similar to the point above about blending in, clothing that is ‘too loud’ can also detract from your photoshoot results. This is because the patterns and designs can catch the eye and pull all of the visual focus and point to one place (instead of taking in and appreciating the photos as a whole). The photos can also end up looking like a photoshoot for a clothing brand if their maximalist style dominates the frame and is present in all of the photos. So in this instance you may feel unhappy and uncomfortable with your finished photos as the clothing choice detracts from the idea(s) you originally had in mind but are now visually overshadowed by branding, designs and patterns.

Only One Outift – The majority of times on photoshoots, there is enough time for you to change into different clothes and outfits so that you are not dressed the same in every single photo. Make sure you take this opportunity seriously by not having a selection of clothes that are all very similar in terms of design and colour etc. Yes of course you have your own style which you want to get across in your photos; but it would make the most sense to make the most out of the photoshoot time with a variety of different looks and outfit choices. If you were having a photoshoot for your own social media content for example, this means that the finished photos can be used at different times and still be fresh and unique – instead of you looking the same in each and every picture from the one photoshoot.

what not to wear to a photoshoot venture photo studios

When it comes to family photoshoots, couples photoshoots or even individual ones; it is important to factor in what to wear and what not to wear to help facilitate the best results. With this you are sure to love your photos even more as you put extra effort and thought into the progress and now have pictures (and memories) that you can cherish for life! You can click / tap here to learn more about us and to organise a photoshoot too!