July 2024

What to Pack for a Summer Photoshoot

Summer is all about having fun and embracing the few times a year when we can actually get outside, enjoy the heat, and spend some quality time with our families. That’s why we love bringing the outside inside for summer-themed photoshoots!

Always bring items that are special to you and your family, whether it’s a pair of hiking boots, table tennis paddles, your favourite pool lilo, or your brand new sunglasses. Our expertly trained photographers can capture perfect shots of your family showcasing who you are together – so that you can brighten your home with a touch of summer!

For packing outfits, make sure to wear clothes that you feel confident and comfortable in. We want you to feel your best, and as these memories can last a lifetime we want you to feel like YOU.

Neutral colours always work but as it is summer, bright and colourful is always welcome! The photographer will give you a call in the five days leading up to your photoshoot, where you can ask any questions or advice on what to bring along on the day. Feel inspired by exploring our Pinterest Boards below.

In need of some more expert advice before your family photoshoot?