April 2018

What do you want to be when you grow up?

So many of us will remember being asked that question as a child! But now that you are “grown up” are you doing anything like what you dreamed of doing way back then?

Things are more complicated these days as the employment market is very different from what it was when many of us were children. People are now more likely to have several different jobs during their working life rather than a job for life. Patterns of employment are also much more flexible than they used to be, with technology enabling more people to work from home and put in hours to suit their circumstances rather than a rigid office schedule.

So we wonder what the employment landscape of the future will look like for the children of today?

If you have children in primary school you may be aware of the Big Me initiative. This is a fundraising campaign by ActionAid in which pupils dress up as their future selves in order to raise money for ActionAid. If your children have been involved in this you will already have enjoyed catching a glimpse of their hopes and dreams for the future.

Here at Venture we have been working on some wonderful new images, some of which also feature children portraying their future selves. You can see a selection of these below.

Leo Francis

Leo FrancisLeo Francis

Leo Francis

Leo Francis Leo Francis

It’s a sign of the times that in amongst the predictable sports, music, film and fashion themes there is also the wonderful group shot below of children with computers. It is even more intriguing to consider that by the time these children are grown and ready to begin employment there will be all kinds of new jobs that do not currently exist!

Leo Francis

Time will tell what your children actually do when they are grown up. All we can do is encourage and enable them to follow their dreams and instil in them the confidence to believe that they can: knowing that these dreams are likely to change many times as the years pass by.

Whatever stage your family is at, it is important not just to hope for the future but to live in the present and cherish every moment. Whether your family is already complete or you are just starting out on the journey and expecting your first child, take the time to reflect on and appreciate where you are right now rather than wishing time away.

One way to help you do this is to start building up a set of family portraits. You will not regret this! In years to come you will be able to look back on wherever you are at right now and enjoy the memories of this time once again. By then your children may well have achieved their childhood dreams and may join you in reminiscing on those early signs of things to come.

Why not take a browse through our range of Venture experiences? Whether you are looking for pregnancy photos, new born or children’s photos, or family portraits there will be the experience that is perfect for you. You can book your Venture experience online, or give us a call if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Whatever the future holds for you and your family, we look forward to helping you record the journey so that you can cherish the memories forever.