August 2018

Working with Venture Studios – Part 1

At Venture Studios we have a passion for photography and this comes across in everything we do. In fact one question our photographers are often asked during photoshoots is what made them decide to become a photographer and how they managed to get into the industry.

So we thought it would be a good idea to do two articles about working with Venture Studios. In this first article we are going to explore how to get into photography and what it means to work for us as a photographer. In our next article we will look at taking things one step further and opening your own Venture Studio franchise.

Photography part 2

Why become a photographer?

First things first, why be a photographer? What skills and abilities do you need to succeed?
Alicia Hall, an Art Director at Venture Studios, puts it this way:

“The main reason I became a photographer is because I’ve been obsessed with photography from a very young age. I just love being involved in capturing happy memories; enabling people both to enjoy the moment and then have something to look back on in the future.

Even at primary school my mum bought me a 35mm camera from Super Snaps and I was the only kid in my class that snapped away on film. I simply loved it… but it cost my mum a fortune in processing fees!
So that’s where it started. I loved taking pictures and I took the camera everywhere. I then went on to study Photography at University and gained a BA Hons in Photography. I still have that same passion for capturing the moment and knowing that it will enable people to savour the happy memories forever.”

Read more about Alicia’s career at Venture Studios here.

How to become a photographer

If you are interested in becoming a photographer you will need to be very much a people person and be able to establish rapport and put them at their ease. You will need empathy and patience to be able to create the kind of memorable shots that people crave. To quote Alicia:

“Passion for photographing people is a must, a love of getting to know people, almost like a detective: to find those little details that make that family who they are is key. The passion and thrive to be creative and seek out new and exciting ways to approach clients is electric to me.”

Photography part 1

Of course you will also need the right technical skills to be able to take successful photographs. There are a number of different ways to develop these.

Many photographers begin working as a photographer’s assistant and learn on the job. This can be invaluable experience for acquiring an in-depth knowledge of both technical and organisational skills.
Some photographers will have qualifications in photography. For example, the current A-level syllabus requires students to learn about a wide range of photographic media, techniques and processes – including both traditional and new technologies – as well as produce a portfolio of photographs.
Some areas of photography – such as photojournalism, scientific or industrial photographers – may require a degree. There are also various professional associations available to join, such as The British Institute of Professional Photography, Association of Photographers and the Master Photographers Association.

How to join Venture Studios

Venture Studios is continuously looking for dynamic personalities to join our teams throughout the UK. If you think you would like to be part of the Venture family, then why not browse through our Jobs page to see what kind of opportunities and roles are currently available. As well as openings for photographers we often have other roles available that may help you to get started on your journey towards becoming a photographer.

In our next article we will look at how to set up your very own Venture Studio franchise.

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