January 2021

Your lovely lockdown baby

Baby and pregnancy photography from Venture Studios

We are living through very strange times. But life does go on. As you well know if you have either had a baby during lockdown or are expecting one.

If so, congratulations! It is wonderful to have something to celebrate during these difficult days. And at Venture Studios we want to help you do just that.

It should be a happy time when a new baby is expected or welcomed into the world. Even though these aren’t normal times, they can still be special for you and your little one. You may not be able to see family and friends at the moment, but one thing you can do is take lots of photographs. It’s a really good way of keeping everyone up to date with how you and your baby are doing. You will also be so glad of these photographs when you look back on this time in years to come.

We want to give you some hints and tips on photographing your baby, and also tell you about some special photography experiences that we have for expectant parents and new babies.


Top ten tips for baby photography

Whether you have a newborn, or a slightly older baby, here are ten quick tips that might help you to get some wonderful photos of your little one:

  • Make sure your baby is safe and that you are both warm and comfortable. A grizzly baby and hassled parent won’t achieve anything.
  • The first 14 days after birth are best for newborn shots. Your baby will be sleepy and you will be able to gently pose them without too much resistance.
  • Experiment with lots of cute poses, to get shots of your baby from as many different angles as possible.
  • Take close up, detailed shots as well as full body shots. For example, tiny hands or feet make gorgeous subjects for photos.
  • Use natural light wherever possible, but if not then experiment with your camera settings to get as close as you can.
  • Choose a good blend of colours for your photos. Try not to have too many different colours as this can make the image too busy.
  • If using props don’t make them too complicated. Your photos will be even more special if the props are relevant to your interests and way of life.
  • For older babies, a favourite toy can be a welcome distraction, and also enable you to get shots of them in action rather than just being posed.
  • Make sure you include backgrounds of your home in your photos. It will be very special to be able to show your child in years to come pictures of them in their first ever home.
  • Experiment with adding effects to your photos afterwards. For example you might want to see how it looks in black and white, or try blurring the background.

Venture Studios baby and pregnancy photography experiences

Of course, another great option for both baby and pregnancy photography is to visit your nearest Venture Studios for a professional photography experience. You will be treated to a specialist photoshoot, a cinematic viewing of the resulting images, and a framed image of your choice to take away.

Once we are open again we can offer you a choice of three fabulous photography experiences:

Bump to baby photography experience

If you are expecting a baby it is a really exciting time and deserves to be celebrated with something special. Our Bump to baby photography experience includes not one but two photoshoots! The first one captures the magic of those expectant days before your baby arrives. Our expert pregnancy photography will capture you at your blooming best, as you can see from our Bump Photography video below.

Once your baby is born you will have your second photoshoot, along with your brand new bundle of joy.

You can read more about our fabulous Bump to Baby offer here.

Newborn photography experience

We would love to take some wonderful shots of your newborn within the first couple of weeks of your baby’s birth. We promise to take very good care of you both, and you will be delighted with the gorgeous images we create for you.

Take a look at the video below which shows the kind of images you can expect.

You can read more about Venture’s Newborn Photography Experience here.

Baby photography experience

If you have a slightly older baby, you will already be noticing how quickly they change. So the more images you can get, the better! Our Venture Studios Baby Photography Experience will help to capture your baby as he or she is now. Whatever stage you are at in terms of your baby’s character and the unfolding story of your family, we will preserve that for you to look back on in years to come.

Take a look at this video that will give you an idea of how your images will turn out.

You can find out more about our Baby Photography Experience and our full range of photography experiences on our purchase page here.

Enjoy every minute of your new baby, and we look forward to helping you celebrate at your nearest Venture Studios as soon as we are open again.