Casting Call

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THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all our entrants.

Capturing a special, fleeting moment in your children’s lives, a time when they bond as new siblings, starting out on their lifelong adventure together, Momento brings together the artistic skills of sculpture, photographer and framer creating a truly unique memory of an unforgettable moment in time.

Created exclusively by Venture Studios, Momento includes a photo shoot along with casting of your children’s feet by Memory Makers, the leaders in personal keepsakes. Both are then combined into a beautiful, bespoke frame for you to treasure forever. To celebrate the launch of Momento, we are looking for models to be the stars of our brand new framed product.

If you would like to know more about our Momento product please complete the form below:


Namrita Dollapaj

We only get to live each moment once. By capturing special moments, we get as close as possible reliving those cherished memories countless times. Nothing makes time feel like it’s racing by more than having a child.


Francesca Laudares

When family live far away its important to capture memories to share.


Michaela Hill

It is said that true happiness in life occurs in those very special moments—the second was when Tahlia was born. That moment she took our breath away. Taking pictures captures those special moments, so when we look back we relive them and are still in that moment. Picture sometimes help us remember those special events we may forget. The early years of a child’s life go too quick but pictures create a lifetime of memories where time stood still.


Naomi Mason

They grow up so quickly and if we don\'t capture those special moments when they happen they\'ll move on to new things and we won\'t have anything to look back on fondly.



To look back at memories and relive those special moments to have them forever


Sophie Dillon

Children grow so fast and change so much. A photograph is a snap shot of a memory we once made together. We look back, remember, and smile with all our hearts.


Claire McKenna

They grow up so fast and I want to remember and cherish every special moment so we can always have them to look back at when they are older. My baby is my life and every minute with him is so special, I want to remember them all.



Pictures captures the perfect moments. Memories cannot recall every detail however pictures take us back in time to the exact moment that we want to relive again.



Children are a gift, time goes so fast and they grow so quickly, capturing those special moments let\'s you treasure each stage of your child\'s growth for a lifetime. One day when they are all grown up your photos will remind you of all the happy family times spent together.


Emily Heuston

so that we can relive that special moment forever. When we pass on our memories go with us and I want my children and future grandchildren to see the most happy moments forever .


Zoe Milligan

Each moment Is so special but the go by in a flash having something to look at everyday and see how far they come.


Mark Simmons

A picture says a thousand words. I love to look back on pictures to remind me of the amazing adventures we have had.


Sophie Vale

Life is short and precious! We absolutely love capturing everything so that our memories can never fade. We love looking back and seeing how much our little one has changed too.


Rebecca Pearson

Ive learnt since having Harry, a picture can bring pure happiness. His dad works long hours, and his grandparents don\'t live near which is so hard for them. It means they can feel more involved, and not miss these precious moments that can\'t be taken back.



Every moment our precious little girl is growing and there is not enough time in the day to embrace it so let’s capture those awesome moments


Joanna Dorgan

It is important to capture special moments with a photo as one day they are all you may have to hold on to.


Sophie priestley

They say memories last a lifetime but this isn’t the case. We forget about the small details and remember select details. With photos we can look back and be reminded of the special memories we forget.



They are so small then they won’t remember all their babies/toddler live. I would like to show them how amazing they have been as a babies and how much we love them


Peter Aitken

To treasure moments you can never get back


Lauren Hoy

Children change so much over such a short time it is great to look back and see how much they have developed along with who was there to share it with them...it also is great ammunition for teenage years to show them just how bad that \'fashionable\' haircut really was!


Lynn Aitken

Life is precious and moves so quickly loving moments are passed and with the blink of an eye but the memories we cherish through photos can be remembered loved and shared with not only our family but our friends aswell that love lives on forever even when we are gone