Casting Call

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THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all our entrants.

Capturing a special, fleeting moment in your children’s lives, a time when they bond as new siblings, starting out on their lifelong adventure together, Momento brings together the artistic skills of sculpture, photographer and framer creating a truly unique memory of an unforgettable moment in time.

Created exclusively by Venture Studios, Momento includes a photo shoot along with casting of your children’s feet by Memory Makers, the leaders in personal keepsakes. Both are then combined into a beautiful, bespoke frame for you to treasure forever. To celebrate the launch of Momento, we are looking for models to be the stars of our brand new framed product.

If you would like to know more about our Momento product please complete the form below:


Lyndsey robinson

Because life is precious and time passes too quickly! Memories fade too easily and moments should be shared


Sammi McSporran

It’s so easy to forget how small they once were and the beauty of every day. Photographs are perfect mementos to cherish forever.


Natalie Davies

To cherish every memory for as long as possible.


Sara Sanders

My favourite childhood memories are sitting with my nan and going through all our family photos. She had a special album for everyone in the family, and we spent hours looking at them and laughing.


Pearl Robinson

It’s important to never forget the past because we are too busy creating our future. Childhood is fleeting. Capturing these special moments mean we will always remember and future generations will too.


Nicola McKerron

Lots of memories to look back on.


Natasha Dunne

It is important to capture special moments in our children’s lives because they can be fleeting yet pivotal to both the child and the family. Pictures provide memories and talking points for years to come. A good photo can spark the best family chats around the dinner table reminiscing.


Jade macdonald

Time just flies in with a wee one, you feel like you can’t remember the special moments, when they first walk, crawl, roll, smile but having photographs oh these times means you can look back and remember them moments you don’t want to forget


Carolann Samuel

Because you’ll never be able to get them incredible moments back as they grow older every day


Victoria Tigg

Time flies by so fast and their faces and personalities change and develop so quickly so to capture every moment is so precious.


Angela Gee

Tried for 10 years to conceive (can\'t have anymore) now my daughter is here I have realised how fast time goes and that they are only little for such a short time. These moments are so precious and we should do anything to capture the moment.


Toni Moser

Because family is all that matters. It defines us.



Because time goes too quickly and sometimes your too busy enjoying the moment to remember to take photos.


Laura Paterson

It\\\'s so important to me to capture special moments, so you can look back in years to come, and show your children your photos of them, and share your memories of that moment in their lives. And when I\\\'m gone, my children will have photos and memories to share.


Jennifer ashton

They grow so quickly it’s scary and it’s a shame to miss their growing up Pictures help you remember how little they were and how they grow x


Rebecca Carman

William is my first child and is 6 months old. The memories of this young age are so important to me. Unfortunately, neither me nor my husband are the best photographers so this would be a perfect opportunity to capture William’s beautiful character at this cute age.


Charlotte Lowe

I want to capture little ones first moments and memories so he can look back on them when he’s older and see how much fun he had


Kimberley Chester

Children change so much every day, its lovely to look back at what they were like.



To cherish forever as they grow so quickly and so much can change. It’s amazing to look back on in the future


Kellie-Marie campbell

What I would say is that memories are 3 dimensional so way more important bcos it’s not an empty snapshot- it’s remembering and feeling what happened. It’s nice to prompt the memory and to remember people by


Davina smith

To never forget the miraculous journey you have made, every smile, step and kiss. It’s a beautiful snap shot of just how amazing your are.