Casting Call

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THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all our entrants.

Capturing a special, fleeting moment in your children’s lives, a time when they bond as new siblings, starting out on their lifelong adventure together, Momento brings together the artistic skills of sculpture, photographer and framer creating a truly unique memory of an unforgettable moment in time.

Created exclusively by Venture Studios, Momento includes a photo shoot along with casting of your children’s feet by Memory Makers, the leaders in personal keepsakes. Both are then combined into a beautiful, bespoke frame for you to treasure forever. To celebrate the launch of Momento, we are looking for models to be the stars of our brand new framed product.

If you would like to know more about our Momento product please complete the form below:


Jessica Mansfield

Because time goes by so fast its easy to forget what they were like and what they looked like. Photos and videos capture memories so you can go back and talk about them as your children grow. My children always look back and ask questions about photographs.


Kate Mansfield

It’s so important to capture special moments in Noah’s life, so he is able to look back, focus on the good things in life, laugh at the imperfections and share bittersweet memories with his future family.



As they are always growing and changing so much


Sian Thomas

Our beautiful daughter develops at the speed of light, we want to capture every moment of her journey through life.


Rebecca Owen-Hill

It’s important because as time goes on we forget how tiny and precious our babies used to be. It’s great to have that keepsake to always remember and look back on the most crazy, surreal, amazing and emotional times you all shared.



I love capturing special moments of my son, they grow so quickly and to look back at them special moments means everything and to show your child when there older what special memories were made and catching every milestone.


Kimberley Wood

To watch them grow from being born, through their childhood life and into adults, capturing those memories to show your child when they are older and remember family times such as holidays etc.


Johanne Welsh

Children change so quickly & sometimes you get so busy with day to day living you dont realise how much they change until you look back at pictures. Babys dont remember & so when they are big enough photographs are their link to their past.


Tara Couper

I\'ve seen so many changes in my child in the past seven months that I want to remember and treasure as many memories as possible, as well as share them with family members who are not in London.


Jess john

Your babies grow up so quickly, every moment is precious, so to be able to capture such moments is a very special thing



It’s important because they are only little for a short amount of time and the memories we make need to last forever!



Because I want to be able to relive it all and hate all the great memories I have with them when they are older. I never want to forget any of it


Grace Dutton

They grow so quickly and change everyday, each day is so precious and to be able to capture your baby so innocent and watch them grow and look back on the memories you have made is the most amazing thing we can do


Steph caine

Memories to loo back on as they grow so quickly


Cassandra Syms

Memories are lasting, photos are forever. Taking time to capture special moments, so you can look back and remember what and who you have laugh, loved, and lived with and for.


Tanya Williams

Because the years go so fast and memorys are the only thing we have.


Bianca corvers

You don’t realise how much your children change until you look back on those photos you’ve treasured and wish you could go back in time ❤️


Lauren george

My newborn is a rainbow baby after 13 pregnancy losses. I want to have every part documented of her life for our special memories. She will be born on the 30th october.


Donna Greenwood

I\'ve waited 4 long years to have my baby boy and had 5 rounds of Ivf I want to capture every single moment of my boys life.


Stephanie liddell

Time is so so precious. You never know the last time you might get to spend time with your loved ones. Make every second count.


Megan Bryant

I think it’s important so that everyone can see how the child has grown and developed and the child is able to look back at what they did and looked like when they were little.