Casting Call

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THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all our entrants.

Capturing a special, fleeting moment in your children’s lives, a time when they bond as new siblings, starting out on their lifelong adventure together, Momento brings together the artistic skills of sculpture, photographer and framer creating a truly unique memory of an unforgettable moment in time.

Created exclusively by Venture Studios, Momento includes a photo shoot along with casting of your children’s feet by Memory Makers, the leaders in personal keepsakes. Both are then combined into a beautiful, bespoke frame for you to treasure forever. To celebrate the launch of Momento, we are looking for models to be the stars of our brand new framed product.

If you would like to know more about our Momento product please complete the form below:


Charlotte bird

I have twin girls and I find it’s so special to capture the It bond!


Kelly jones

Its extremely important to capture childrens special moments as they can look back in years to come and see what they have achieved and be very proud of them


Jack Lutkevitch

It\'s important to catch special moments in your children\'s lives as no one on earth can possibly remember all the millions of magical moments your children will bring. Photographs are precious as when we look at them, they trigger memories that we forgot we had.


Kylie Sim

Life passes by so fast and children grow up so quickly that memories fade; photographs are a physical reminder and help to retain these special times forever ❤️


Yolanda Hardware

I’ve been making old fashioned photo albums for Riley because I love sitting down with my family and going through ours! We often get so caught up in life that we oversee so much and it’s not until we look back at photos and videos that we see it


Danielle curtis

Because they grow up to quick and these special moments you capture with a photo lasts a life time



To remember all the special memories and even the simple things. We never want to forget our little one as she grows and changes


Natalie Elwood

To look back on, capture those special moments such as milestones, children enjoying themselves; their childhood and places been as a family.


Samantha powell

I have a 3 month old, 3 year old and 8 year old. I have always been a photo addict and feel that it is so special to have a physical photo in your hand to remember the time you first saw the photo and even people that held it before.


Emma townsend

To always have a chance go look back and show the memories to the children as they grow


Laura Devereux

Because he is such a beautiful little boy and he’s constantly growing and he looks so different every day.


Siobhan Reilly

They grow up far too quickly. In the blink of an eye they\'ve grown from a tiny baby who relies on you for everything, to a little person who wants to do everything themselves. Memories will never change, I think it important to capture as many as you possibly can!



So you’ll be able to look back one day and remember a special time you shared together.


Jade O\'Reilly

Time goes so fast and every second is precious so special moments are lovely to look back at.


Jessica Littler

They are so little for such a short time. I want to capture the most precious times we share forever, in my heart, in my mind and in print.


Ellie Cheatle

So that you can keep hold of the memories forever. If later in life you are unable to remember these moments, photos will live on to jog your memory and can keep to show future generations the profession of your family.


Alexandra Midgley

Photos help to capture special memories so you are able to share them with family and friends and relive the time. I love taking photos of my daughter as I love looking back at the pictures and remembering what she was like at the time it was taken


Francesca Brewer

Their not tiny forever. When things get hard and your not sure if your doing a good job parenting, you can look back at those moments and remember how you were feeling at that moment.


Holly barry

My husband works in Iraq for most of the year so the pictures we take whilst he here go up all over the house for our little boy to see and when he’s not here all the pictures helps my husband feel like he’s not missing out.


Jamie Clarke

They grow soo quickly! We haven’t even got a family photo yet and they are nearly 5 months old! It seems important at the time to just live in the moment rather than take pictures of it but then you forget how far you’ve come/wish you’d captured more moments together


Domonique Jenkins-Bennett

Our children grow up so quickly that it is important to capture every new moment they experience. They have so much character, personality and moods I want to see and remember all of them, always.